Creating a Beautiful Japanese Style Bedroom Using Our Japanese Beds.

At the Natural Bed Company we love the pared down simplicity of Japanese inspired interior design. After all what could be better to aid a relaxing, restful night than a calm, zen environment?

Japanese Beds – Our love of the Japanese, harmonious, minimalist style has inspired our Kyoto, Kumo and Kobe bed collection. Japanese style bedrooms generally incorporate a very low bed in a simple platform design, often without a headboard. The Kyoto bed is a solid wood low platform bed available with or without a headboard. The legs are set back which gives the impression from the front that it floats above the ground. You only need add some simple bedding and low storage units for an oriental look. The Kumo bed and the ultra low Kobe are lower versions of the original Kyoto bed, the elegant simplicity of these beds works beautifully with this style.
The Oregon, Nevada and Kulu low beds also look great dressed to suit this style. The Oregon low platform bed shown in solid maple with matching bedside tables achieves a more dramatic oriental look. The bold black bedding and emphasis on symmetry create a graphic, Japanese style. Add some Tatami mats and Japanese style screens (Shoji screens are the traditional rice paper screens that can be used to separate areas of a room) to complete the look.

Japanese Styling – If you are really bold, you could paint the wall behind the bed in black or deep red, and add some simple white paper lampshades to contrast with the backdrop. You may wish to add a simple calico futon mattress to add authenticity and complete the look.
The colour palette associated with this look is either very natural and neutral, or dramatic with splashes of black or crimson. Both these looks are starkly simple, neutrals are calm and maximise the sense of restfulness, bold shades have a graphic strength.

Remember minimalist is the key. Choose a few simple designs, keep clutter to a minimum and keep your bedding simple in both style and range of colours. If you would like to see some images of great Japanese style rooms – please take a look at our pinterest board.


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Article Name
Japanese Beds and Bedroom Design
Tips and suggestions for creating a beautiful Japanese style bedroom using our exclusive Japanese beds. Beds designed with Japan in mind, made in England.

Kyoto oak bed

Kyoto Bed

A bold, Japanese style platform bed shown here without a headboard.


Kumo japanese style bed

Kumo Bed

A refined, Japanese bed shown here in wenge stained pine with a headboard.


kobe low pine bed

Kobe Bed

An ultra low, Japanese bed shown here in sanded pine with a headboard.


Pha Tung Silk Duvet Cover, Flame

Pha Tung Duvet Cover

A stunning silk duvet cover in red and gold – the Pha Tung – Flame.


Zari Squares Black Duvet Cover

Zari Black Duvet Cover

A fine cotton duvet cover from the Zari Squares Collection in black.


Natural Icat Duvet Cover

Icat Duvet Cover

A soft cotton duvet cover made in India exclusively for Natural Bed Company.


Nevada low wooden bed

Nevada Low Bed

A low level contemporary bed, shown here in solid oak with bedside storage


Oregon platform bed

Oregon Platform Bed

A modern platform bed with matching bedside tables, shown here in maple.


Kulu wooden platform bed

Kulu Platform Bed

A stylish bed with optional attached bedside tables, shown here in ash.


400 thread count egyptian cotton bedding

Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Simple, luxuriously soft cotton bedding in white, silver grey or dark smoke grey.


indigo and salmon Shanti Quilts

Shanti Cotton Quilts

Light-weight cotton quilts with a chain-stitch design in coral, indigo or aqua.


lisbon coral linen bedding

Coral Linen Bedding

Relaxed, yet luxurious – softly textured linen bedding in a rich coral shade.