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All full price beds from the Natural Bed Company come with a 12 year warranty against material and manufacturing defects.

Our beds are built to last with top quality construction techniques and materials and it is extremely unlikely that you ail encounter any problems with your bed. Our 12 year warranty is an indication of the care we take when making our beds and our confidence in our products.

Warranty conditions.

The warranty will be invalid if the bed has been sold on. It is only valid for the person who bought the bed.

Beech slats are not covered by the warranty. Very rarely the humidity in a house may be too high and they may their shape and support. If this happens we can easily replace the slats and advise how to prevent reoccurrence – they will be supplied and delivered at cost.

Natural timber will change colour over time and colour differences are not covered by the warranty.

If you move the bed within a room it should be handled with care. It should not be dragged, especially from the corner; it should be lifted and moved by two people supporting it on opposite sides of the bed. If being moved from room to room it must be dismantled and reassembled. Any damage resulting from negligence will be self evident and will invalidate the warranty.

When you assemble the bed you should ensure that all bolts are tight and the corners of the bed are rigid. In a warm house the timber will shrink very slightly over time and it is a good habit to occasionally check that all the connecting bolts are tight. If there is any looseness in the corners this can result in damage over time. Damage caused in this way will be self evident and not covered by the warranty.

Any problems with the bed should be reported as soon as you are aware of them. The warranty doesn’t extend to further damage caused by not letting us know as soon as the problem was detected.
In the unlikely event of a problem with your order – it is our aim to resolve any complaints as quickly as possible and ask that you contact us directly by e-mail (counter@naturalbedcompany.co.uk) as soon as possible. As members of the Furniture Ombudsman, we also have the option to resolve any issues via www.disputeresolutionombudsman.org or you may prefer to contact the European ODR platform.

Bed Sizes

Our beds are made to fit the standard UK mattress sizes. We also list prices for the most popular Euro size.

But please remember that all our beds are made to order so we can make our beds in any size.

Mattress Size/Name Mattress Size cm
Small single Width 75 x Length 190
Single Width 90 x Length 190
Threequarter or Small Double Width 120 x Length 190
Double Width 135 x Length 190
King size Width 150 x Length 200
Euroking size Width 160 x Length 200
Superking size Width 180 x Length 200

There’s more information about beds sizes on our blog Fit for a King. Confused about Bed Sizes?

Sprung Beech Slats

Our beds are fitted with sprung beech slats which add to the comfort and increase the lifespan of a mattress. The slats are curved like a row of gentle hills and when you lay on the mattress they flatten to adjust to your profile. Most of the flattening takes place under your hips and shoulders and gives a gentle support that is a special benefit to anyone with tenderness in those areas. Sprung slats are very successful at giving good support to your back. When you get off the bed the slats spring back to their original shape.

Single beds have one set of slats that span the width of the frame; larger sizes have a centre rail which means that each side of the bed has its own set of slats – independent suspension – which means that the slats will adjust to each person.

Sprung slats do some of the work of the mattress and so can increase the lifespan of the mattress. We’ve used sprung beech slats for over 20 years with great feedback from our customers. Once or twice a year we’ll have a customer who prefers a harder base, that’s not a problem, we can simply fit pine slats instead.

Read more on our blogs:
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Made to Measure

Made to Measure – you measure, we make. Yes, it can be that simple. All our beds are made individually so we easily can make to measure.

If you’ve bought a really deep sprung mattress we can make the headboard higher so your mattress doesn’t obscure too much of the lovely wooden headboard. We do this for our customers on a regular basis.

If you’ve bought a Continental size mattress, e.g. 140x200cm, we can make the frame to fit. Let us know the size and we’ll quote you the price.

What else can we do?

Can we modify our designs? Often, yes we can. We could increase the height of the footboard so that it comes level with the top of the mattress. See an example of this on our blog Can I Order a Bespoke Bed?

Can we match the colour to my existing furniture? Often we can and we can prepare samples for your approval. Ideally we’d like a piece of your furniture, something small like a drawer front would be helpful.

Lead Times

Lead times – how long will my bed take to make?

Your bed will be made to order and the quick answer is about 4-6 weeks. There are one or two exceptions and some times when we have an item in stock, other times when we’ve very busy.

When your bed is ready we’ll contact you and discuss delivery, which takes another few days. Other than for local orders we use a carrier, how long they take will depend on where you live and when you can be at home.

Read more on our blog When will my bed arrive?

Made in Britain

Yes, our beds are Made in Britain. We’re delighted to see a revival of interest in manufacturing in the UK, after all we’ve been doing it for most of the last 40 years!

We like the idea of keeping skills alive and employing local craftsmen and the idea of being able to adapt to your specific needs – yes, satisfying you, the customer – is the most important aspect of our business.

Here’s some other people we like who make in Britain – check them out, like us they’re passionate about what they do and, like us, they do it not because it’s the easiest option – which it isn’t – but because they believe in it!

Repeat Repeat – we’ve stocked their mugs in our shop for almost 20 years. Contact us to see which designs we currently hold in stock.

Big Tomato Company – we love their draughtsman and font mugs, like Repeat Repeat they make their mugs in the Potteries.

Nick Hunter – inspired Sheffield based woodcarver with a wonderful range of wooden birds and delicious sense of humour.

Bronte – Leeds based weavers with a fabulous collection of throws which feature in many of our room set photos. Buy Bronte throws here on our website

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