Underbed Drawers

We don’t like generalisations but it seems to be true that we’re all short of space. Underbed Drawers are an invaluable place to store your shoes and slippers, spare bed linen and blankets, your accounts or art folios and photos. We make different widths and heights of Underbed Drawers to fit under most of our beds, all except the ultra low designs. And even we’ll even make Underbed Drawers for some of these beds although they don’t show on the price chart because we’d want to discuss with you just how useful they’d be.

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    Under-bed Drawers

    Under-bed drawers fit under your bed to provide extra storage.  They’re made from birch plywood with a solid timber front panel, mounted on castors and rebated on the bottom edge so they pull out easily. You can fit up to four per bed (2 for a single bed). If you would like to see samples of our timbers please take a look at our timbers page.

    We make three versions:
    Sahara under-bed drawers can be used with the Sahara, Malabar, Sol, and Ocean beds.
    Tibet under-bed drawers are taller and are used with the higher beds: the Zanskar, Cochin, Tibet, Tao, Oasis, Orchid, Togo and Senegal beds.
    Kyoto under-bed drawers are a narrower version of the Sahara drawers for use with the Kyoto bed (see main image above).

    For the Sahara and Tibet under-bed drawers a timber side panel can be added if the side of the drawer at the foot of the bed will be visible. We will always contact you after you place an order for an under-bed drawer with a side panel to confirm the position of the panel.

    To find out more about our under-bed drawers – please take a look at our blog: Find the right under-bed drawers for your bed…

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