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Our Exclusive Indian Bedding Collection

About our Indian Bedding Collection:

Sourcing beautiful Indian bedding has been a passion here at Natural Bed Company for over 30 years. Our directors generally travel to India at least once a year to find fabrics, design quilts, bedspreads and duvet covers and put together the collection. The fabrics mainly come from Hyderabad in Andrah Pradesh and the far South of India, but are made up in Delhi. The hardest part is then waiting for the lovely finished pieces to arrive!

We divide our collection of Indian bedding into ‘Bedspreads & Quilts’ and ‘Duvet Covers’ though many of the pieces mix and match. The Zari duvet sets and quilts of course work beautifully together, but the Village duvets and Ripple quilts are a fantastic combination along with the Ikat duvet cover with the Kadi Earth bedspread. You can find many complimentary and stylish combinations…

Bedspreads & Quilts

Our Indian bedspreads and quilts are made from luxurious silks, soft cottons and velvets. Beautiful as bed covers, these Indian bedspreads and quilts also make wonderful throws. Most are made in one generous size that can be used on double, king size or super king size beds.

Elemental colours of earth, fire and water make up the colour palate of the new Kadi collection of soft, textured patchwork quilts. Khadi (with an ‘h’) is the name of the handloom cotton that Ghandi wanted every Indian household to weave, for practical and philosophical reasons. This cotton isn’t handloom, but it has much of the textural charm of Ghandi’s beloved khadi.

The Zari quilts are made from fine hand-woven Mangalgiri cottons from south India. Mangalgiri cottons are characterised by narrow borders of metallic brocade and we’ve used these borders to give small details of intense pattern and drama to the designs. The Zari cotton quilts sometimes include ‘shot’ fabrics which change colour, sometimes subtlety sometimes dramatically, when viewed from different angles. Zari cotton quilts have a cotton filling and make delightful lightweight summer quilts, they can also be used as a top quilt for extra winter warmth.

The Jodhpur and Jaipur quilts are made from the softest cotton voile and filled with lightweight cotton. The hand-printed floral patterns are typical of their source, the deserts of Rajasthan.

The Qila silk quilts with their finely detailed tucks and bobbles are surely among the most unusual bedcovers in our collection. The radiant colours, of red, gold and the vibrant kingfisher blue will light up any bedroom. These silk quilts have been skillfully decorated with pleats and tucks to enhance the rich textures and intense colours.

The Taj and Thar bedspreads are fine examples of the mirror-work and embroidery that is typical of the tribal people from Gujarat, Rajasthan and the Thar desert. The satin embroidery and sheesha mirror work is all done by hand.

Duvet Covers

We work with the finest Indian craftsmen and women to make our Indian bedding – pure cotton and silk duvet covers to fit double, king and super king size duvets.

The Zari Indian cotton duvet covers, like our Zari quilts, are made from fine hand-woven Mangalgiri cottons from south India.

For the Kashmir silk duvet covers we use a beautiful slubbed silk with a hand-woven texture decorated with floral embroidery. The fabric is not from Kashmir, but the floral design and colours evoke the subtle decorative style of that region.

The Pha Tung organic silk duvet covers are, in fact, from Laos, not India. We worked with local weavers in Luang Prabang to produce these astonishingly beautiful silk duvet covers. The designs for these silk duvet covers are based on the traditional Buddhist prayer flag or Pha Tung. Weaving is an important cottage industry around Luang Prabang: many women are expert weavers and will grow silk worms, dye the silk using local plants and weave at home in their gardens. These silk duvet covers glow and radiate life and energy, the shot silk fibres shifting colour as you move around the bed.

A new addition to our collection is the Kalamkari range. These duvet covers and pillowcases are produced through the charity Kriti ( Kriti is a young social organization currently working in Hyderabad. They focus on improving the lives of the urban poor through training in a range of crafts. Kriti is a Sanskrit word meaning a creative effort, a small work of art.

As with all hand-woven fabrics, small variations in colour and weave density may occur – indeed, it’s these variations that give life to the fabrics.

Bedspreads and quilts should be dry-cleaned. We recommend a gentle wool setting when machine washing our duvet covers.

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