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Waterlattex Vision Mattress – An Expert Review

The Waterlattex Vision mattress is made by an Italian company called Magniflex.

For over 10 years the Waterlattex has been our most popular mattress. In that time we’ve never had any reports of dissatisfaction, so we know it to be a reliable mattress that suits a wide range of people of different shapes and sizes. But is it for me? This review hopes to add a personal dimension to the general statement that ‘it suits a lot of people of all shapes and sizes’.

waterlattex vision mattress

I’m 6′ and 73Kg and like a reasonably firm mattress, but I do sleep on my side (like 90% of the population) and like some ‘give’ around my hips. Trying to assess a mattress by sitting on it is never a good idea, you have to judge it my lying down on it. In the showroom I thought it felt pretty good and close to what I wanted, but what would it feel like when I took one home and got ready for a good night’s sleep?

My first reaction was that it was too hard – I’d been sleeping on a rather nice futon – and I shuffled around for a while before I fell asleep. But in the morning I woke up feeling refreshed and having had a great night’s sleep. That was another reminder to me that you may need a night or two, or three or four, to get used to a new mattress – your body gets used to sleeping in a certain way and may have to adjust to a new mattress. The second night was good and by the third night I was really happy at the prospect of sleeping on my new Waterlattex mattress.

A couple of years ago Magniflex made some small changes to the Waterlattex and renamed it the Waterlattex Vision. It now comes with a Coolmax cover and a ventilation band that runs round the edges. Both changes are to take advantage of new developments intended to help ventilation, keep you cool and make the mattress breath better – simply good product development, not that there was a problem that needed addressing. Most of the other features remain the same: on one side there is a layer of cotton under the surface (between the cover and the filling) and under the other side a layer of wool, this gives you a summer (cotton) side and a winter (wool) side.

So why is it called Waterlattex and what’s inside it?

First of all, there’s no water in it. The name comes from the process in which the filling – a mixture of latex and synthetic foam – is expanded under water during manufacture. Latex (20% of the filling) is the filling that’s familiar to us in Dunlopillow mattresses and cushions. Latex is derived from natural rubber and is relatively heavy and expensive, which accounts for the slightly higher price and weight of the Waterlattex mattress. It’s a great material with a long track record and an excellent component when used in conjunction with synthetic materials.

waterlattex vision mattress

Is there anyone who shouldn’t buy a Waterlattex mattress?

The more you weigh the firmer the mattress needs to be to give your good support and if you’re over 85Kg a better choice might be the firmer Orthosoft, also made by Magniflex. And at the lower body weight end of the spectrum: if you weigh under 55Kg it may be too firm, but that will depend on whether you’re a light weight person who prefers a firm mattress or something softer. From experience in the showroom we find that people tend to fall into one camp or the other and only you will know!

A little always needs to be said as a general consideration about heights and weights. When considering if your weight is too great for a mattress you need to consider how your weight is distributed. As an example, if you’re 80Kg and 1.9m tall your weight will be more spread than if you’re 1.5m. The shorter of those two people will need a firmer mattress to provide the same support.

The other thing to remember is that although we can give good advise on the suitability of mattress types for different body weights, everyone is an individual and people ‘break the rules’ all the time. Some people simply prefer a firmer mattress to others – that preference can go all the way back to childhood and the positions we’ve learnt to sleep in.

Like other mattress from Magniflex the Waterlattex is supplied vacuum packed, which makes it easy transport and carry to your bedroom. It’s an easy mattress to look after well, the Waterlattex has two handles on each side of the mattress which make it easier to handle and move around. Maintenance of any mattress essentially means spreading the wear by turning the mattress over from time time to time and also spinning it round top to bottom.  How often should you turn it over and spin it round? I’d suggest spinning it around every two months and turning it over twice a year. Also be assured the Waterlattex Vision comes with an 8 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

In conclusion – the Waterlattex Vision is a superb mattress that will suit most people and give many years good service.

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