Looking for an informed review of the Kaymed Memory Firm Mattress? Check out this review by one of our expert staff members and a long time owner of the luxurious Memory Firm…

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Alongside the Waterlattex the Memory Firm memory foam mattress, made by Kaymed in Ireland, is one of the most consistently popular mattresses that we sell, and one that also seems to suit people of a range of different shapes and sizes. Our aim here is to offer a more personal perspective on what it’s actually like to live with.

I’m 5ft 8 and around 70 kgs. I’ve had this mattress for nearly eighteen months now and still appreciate that initial feeling of lying on something that feels luxurious with just an edge of softness when I first get into bed, created by the 7cm layer of memory foam. Make no mistake though; this is not a soft mattress and you can immediately feel the underlying firmness of the foam core. To me this feels reassuring but I would recommend trying the softer Memory Medium version of this mattress if you are on the fence at all. Certainly my partner has occasionally thought it too firm despite being of broadly the same height and weight.

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I was initially attracted to the Memory Firm both because I sleep on my side, and thought the additional support offered by the layer of memory foam would be helpful, but also because I had heard that the memory foam means you feel less of the movement of anyone you are sharing the mattress with. As I have always tended to move around in my sleep a lot I thought my partner might appreciate this aspect!

At the back of my mind was the reputation that memory mattresses have for being warm to sleep on, particularly as someone who does tend to be very warm when sleeping, and having come from a sprung mattress. However I have to say that this has simply not proved to be the case; even at the height of summer I did not find my sleep being interrupted for being too hot. One thing that concerned me initially was the slight odour immediately after opening the mattress, something that is down to the mattress being vacuum packed immediately after production. However this odour disappeared quickly and hasn’t been a problem since.

memory foam mattress

General Guidance on Mattresses

The more you weigh the firmer the mattress needs to be to give you good support and if you’re over 85Kg a better choice might be the Orthosoft or Relaxsan mattresses, made by Magniflex. Equally if you weigh under 55Kg it may be too firm and we would suggest trying the Memory Medium, the softer version of the Memory Firm, also made by Kaymed. However this will depend on whether you’re a lighter person who prefers a firm mattress or something softer. From experience in the showroom we find that people tend to fall into one camp or the other and only you will know!

A little always needs to be said as a general consideration about heights and weights. When considering if your weight is too great for a mattress you need to consider how your weight is distributed. As an example, if you’re 80Kg and 1.9m tall your weight will be spread over a larger area of the mattress than if you’re 1.5m. The shorter of these two people will need a firmer mattress to provide the same support.

The other thing to remember is that although we can give good advice on the suitability of mattress types for different body weights, everyone is an individual and people ‘break the rules’ all the time. Some people simply prefer a firmer mattress to others – that preference can go all the way back to childhood and the positions we’ve learnt to sleep in.

Like most of our mattresses the Memory Firm is supplied vacuum packed, which makes it easy to transport and carry to your bedroom. It’s an easy mattress to look after, with a removable and washable cotton cover. To spread the wear over the mattress we recommend spinning it around from top to bottom once a month, though, as the layer of memory foam is only on one side, this mattress cannot be turned over. Kaymed supply the mattress with a 2 year guarantee and an 8 year warranty against manufacturing defects, though we always like to emphasise that this does guarantee the mattress will remain comfortable for that length of time.

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