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Everything you need to know about the Organic Latex Mattress!

Each organic latex mattress is expertly crafted with pure, organic lambswool and cotton. These mattresses are unique, naturally healthy, free of chemicals and crammed with goodness and, thanks to the natural properties of Welsh wool, they are fire retardant too.

organic latex mattress

What is the organic latex mattress made of?

The core of this mattress is 15cm of natural latex, this is wrapped in two layers of organic wool – the overall depth is approximately 17cm. The two layers of soft and fluffy organic wool are made of 500gms per square meter wool material, the wool layers are held together with hand stitching. Then the mattress is finished with an organic cotton cover and hand tufted, felt washers and tapes then hold the layers together securely.

The organic latex mattress is made using natural latex formed from the sap of the Hevea Brasiliensis tree.

What does this organic latex mattress feel like?

The latex pad used is medium to firm, the maker estimates the firmness rating as 8/10. With absolutely none of the movement that springs might provide, this latex mattress is a completely different, supportive and super–comfy experience. Soft yet resilient, this mattress gently cushions the body, giving simultaneous relief and support to those all–important pressure points around the body.

Are other sizes available?

Yes! This metal free mattress can be made in any width or length. Just call us to request a quotation for a non-standard size and an estimate of the manufacturing lead-time.

organic latex mattress

Why buy organic?

Organic products are produced using materials created by traditional farming methods, avoiding the use of highly toxic fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. This means you are able to choose products that are safer for you and your family – and which ultimately also benefit farmers.

Each mattress is hand crafted, giving the purest slumber for those with allergies. The environmentally responsible product life-cycle of these products also appeals to those who prefer to tread lightly on the earth.
With each one of us spending about a third of our lives in bed, we are proud to bring you sleep that is cleaner, sweeter and a whole lot healthier!

What is meant by organic?

These latex mattresses are certified as organic by the Soil Association. The organic wool used in the production of the organic latex mattress is produced from sheep that are not exposed to harmful chemicals such as synthetic hormones, external and internal pesticides.

So that our customers are absolutely clear about what this means, please take a look at the statement below from the Soil Association:

‘The Soil Association’s organic textile standards require that organic fibres be used where possible. These fibres must be grown and processed to organic standards. However it’s recognised that on occasion there is functional justification for the use of non-organic components (fibre and non-fibre). These can be considered as ‘accessories’ or ‘additional materials’ making up part of the main product. These non organic components meet strict criteria in terms of materials and chemical residues and must not exceed more than 5% of the overall fibre content in a product labelled as Organic. In the case of latex, although there is limited supply of this from rubber trees which have been grown according to organic standards, to the best of our knowledge there is no latex available which has been processed according to organic standards. Therefore any latex used in an organic product, would be classed as an ‘accessory’ or ‘additional material’ and must meet the requirements above for non organic components.’ Philip Skentelbery, Certification Manager, Soil Association.

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