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Memotouch Mattress Review

The latest addition to our mattress range has caused quite a stir in our Sheffield store, ever since we first trialed it at the beginning of last month. Unusually, as opinion tends to vary when it comes to mattresses, the Memotouch has received the thumbs up from almost everyone who has tried it. In fact, I may be the only one to have raised a dissenting opinion so far, but we’ll get to that later…

memotouch mattress

Classed as a medium mattress, the Memotouch combines a top layer (2cm deep) of Memorex padding with a core of polymer foam (16cm deep), offering both comfort and orthopedic support. This mattress is suitable for a wide range of people, although if you weigh over 12st. (approximately) you may find that the Memotouch may be slightly too soft and not offer sufficient support. Personally, this was the only fault I could find with the mattress, amongst many positives. However, when choosing a mattress, personal preference wins over general statistics in the vast majority of cases so don’t let this put you off! If possible, it is always better to try the mattress prior to purchase. And so, onto those many positives…

memotouch mattress layers

The benefits of a Memotouch Mattress:

The Memotouch offers the comfort of a memory mattress, with the layer of Memorex padding molding around you, but the polymer foam works to offer support in a similar fashion to a sprung mattress. This mix ensures that the mattress retains its shape over time, increasing its lifespan.

The mattress is dust mite resistant and described by the manufacturer as being ‘allergy free’.

The construction of the Memotouch ensures breathability and the polycotton removable cover is designed to combat overheating.

The mattress is covered by a 6 year manufacturers warranty, giving you peace of mind and cover against any manufacturing defects in the unlikely event that they occur.

The Memotouch is made by the manufacturers of our most popular mattress, the Waterlattex, who also produce the Orthosoft, Bamboo Passion and Relaxsan models. Like the mattresses mentioned, the Memotouch is supplied vacuum packed for ease of transportation and delivery.

At 20cm deep, the Memotouch works perfectly with all beds in our range. We advise that the mattress should be between 18 and 20cm to match our standard bed bases. This depth should ensure that the mattress is in proportion to the bed base, not obscuring the natural timber of the headboard.

If you find our Memory firm mattress a little too firm and the Memory Medium too soft, the Memotouch should be ideal and definitely one to try in-store.

If you would like further information on this or any other mattress we stock, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 0114 272 1984.


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