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An Overview of Our Craft Sprung Mattresses

We are very excited to be able to add sprung mattresses to our collection. Finally – with the Craft Collection – we have been able to find sprung mattresses that fit with our standards in quality, comfort and eco-credentials.

Introducing the Craft Mattress Collection
Craft mattresses are made in the UK using the highest quality materials: heat tempered wire, organic cotton and natural British wool. We offer both the firm and the medium-firm models.

Craft mattresses are covered in Cottonsafe® material which has the look, versatility and feel of organic cotton with the natural advantages of wool. Pure wool is naturally fire retardant and meets stringent UK fire regulations, but has been less comfortable than cotton – Cottonsafe® is a mix of organic cotton and British wool specially woven so that it feels like cotton. The beauty of Cottonsafe® – is that it is durable, soft to the touch but uses only natural materials to pass UK fire regulations with no added chemicals.

As the fire retardant properties are not dependent on chemicals that can wear off over the years – you can be confident in the safety of the Craft mattress for many years to come. Cottonsafe® is a completely new material that has been independently tested by UKAS and has not only passed the legislation for bedding and upholstery but has even past the much higher Contract Standards.

Under the cover there is layer after layer of fine natural British wool to give the mattress its luxury feel. Wool has many natural properties – it breathes well, bounces back, is naturally fire retardant as well as being non-allergenic. The last layer of wool is heavily needled to form a barrier above the springs (the springs are covered in a highly durable recycled polyester fabric).

Due to its hygroscopic nature the wool dramatically increases the breathability of the fabric allowing good ventilation. This keeps the fibre warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The increased ventilation also limits the growth of bacteria. The anti-static and dust free properties of this combination of natural materials also help increase its hypoallergenic properties allowing for a natural night’s sleep.

Under the wool is a 1000 pocket spring Leggett and Platt Sleep System unit (in a king size mattress) with thermally treated springs. The spring system has been well balanced to offer strength, support and durability without making the mattress too heavy. The number of springs used in a mattress are based on a king size mattress and these are not always how many you will get in your mattress should you choose a smaller size.

It is normally agreed that the optimum quantity of pocket springs in a king-size mattress is 1000. This is to allow for a suitable size of coil as well as the correct thickness of steel. If the coil is too small or the metal too thin then the support and comfort may suffer.  Obviously the more coils you add, the smaller the coil gets and the thinner the steel.

Each Craft bed mattress is handmade to order and side stitched together with hemp thread – no glues, solvents or adhesives are used in their production. Craftsmen also hand tuft each mattress with wool-felt. The Cottonsafe® Craft contains over 19kg of ultra soft British wool in a King Size mattress.

Extra Information:
Single size (3’): 90 x 190 x 22 cm and features 561 pocket springs.
Double size (4’6”): 140 x 190 x 22 cm and features 885 pocket springs.
King size measures (5’): 150 x 200 x 22 cm and features 1015 pocket springs.

Delivery details – expect a lead time of approximately 2 weeks for manufacture + delivery (up to an additional 2 weeks). The mattresses are delivered by a two man team.

Guarantee & Warranty – for your peace of mind the manufacturer offers a 1 year guarantee and extended 10 year warranty on all Cottonsafe® Mattresses.

By: Matthew Horner

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