Our new showroom has given us the space to diversify our range of mattresses and Matthew has introduced some of these in his recent blog.

This week we’ve taken delivery of a superb new mattress that combines latex and revolutionary wooden springs. We first saw the Vitalwood mattresses earlier in the year and were intrigued by its construction. Coiled wooden springs – shaped like metal springs but made from beech – are encased in pockets inside a thick latex mattress. It looks extraordinary but what’s its attraction?

Part of the appeal is the revolutionary new idea itself and the technical ingenuity behind it’s design and realisation – but there’s also an attraction for people who like the idea of a sprung mattress but have an aversion to being in close contact with metal, especially in bed when they’re asleep.

All components of the Aspiro Vitalwood mattress are handmade to a very high quality. The process starts with precisely cutting and preparing the beech into strips which are hand coiled around a circular wooden former. They are then dried using a unique drying system to form the springs which look like wooden coils. The springs are tested to 120,000 compression cycles. They are then inserted into spaces cut into the layers of latex which form the core of the mattress. Plenty of air space inside the wooden springs ensures excellent ventilation and outer layers of hand stitched wool gives perfect control over humidity and temperature.

So what should I expect from this luxury mattress? A sprung mattress without any metal components, unique construction, fantastic support, a 7 year warranty against manufacturing defects made with high quality springs that have an expected life of 30 years.

What else do I get? You have a choice of firmness: one side is firmer than the other so if from time to time you like to have a change you simply turn the mattress over. A note on the words ‘simply turn the mattress over’- latex is a heavy material and this mattress is a serious piece of kit – it will need at least two people to carry it to the bedroom and turning it over will need two people and some long arms. If you chose not turn it that’s OK too, in either case you will have bought a superb quality, top of the range mattress.

In addition to this, the Vitalwood mattress is supplied with a Cottonsafe cover; a revolutionary new fabric made from a mix of organic cotton, wool and other natural fibres which allows the mattress to pass all fire regulation tests without using chemicals. The wool used in the Cottonsafe cover also aids breathability in the mattress, helping with ventilation.

As the mattress arrives fully expanded, rather than vacuum packed like the majority of our range, and due to the weight (a king size Vitalwood mattress is around 40kg, for example), the carrier service used would include delivery to the room of your choice.

The materials for the double and king-size are generally kept in stock and therefore the order time for these sizes should be about 2 weeks for manufacture + delivery time (up to an additional 2 weeks). For all other sizes expect the order time to be approximately 6 weeks +  up to 2 weeks for delivery.

We currently have a Vitalwood mattress on display at our Sheffield showroom. If you would like to try the mattress before purchase, our opening hours are 10am-5:30pm Monday-Saturday.

JUNE 2017 – Sorry, this mattress is no longer available. If you are looking for something similar – please take a look at the Craft sprung mattresses and the iKool sprung mattress.

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