At Natural Bed Company, we offer a range of mattresses to suit all budgets, from the Moon Firm to the Comfort Dual and Craft sprung mattresses. In this blog, I’m going to take a closer look at the luxury mattresses in our collection, priced at the higher end of the range, whether due to the organic materials used, the handmade quality, the high-end technical innovations used in its construction such as latex or a Cottonsafe cover, or a mixture of all three.

The Craft Medium and Firm are the most popular luxury mattresses we currently offer, priced at £1050 for a UK king size. These mattresses combine 1000 pocket springs with a wool filling, with a natural Cottonsafe cover, made from cotton, wool and other natural fibres. This mixture of natural components allow the mattress to pass stringent UK fire regulation tests without the use of fire retardant materials, ideal if you wish to avoid artificial materials or are looking for an organic mattress.

The Craft mattresses are hand-made in Devon, and utilise over 2.5kg of fine British wool, equating to 19kg in a king size. In addition to being a nationally sourced material and a natural fire retardant, wool is highly breathable, which will help in regulating a comfortable body temperature whilst in bed and non-allergenic.

Unlike the majority of the mattresses in our range, the Craft Medium and Firm are delivered expanded rather than vacuum packed. We use the same 2 man, room of choice delivery service for these mattresses as we do for our hand-made wooden beds, so you don’t have to worry about taking the mattress upstairs yourself, our carriers will take care of that for you.

The Craft mattresses are made to order and have an approximate lead time of 2 weeks.

If you have tried some of the other mattresses in our range and are wondering where the Craft options fit in, the Firm is similar in feel and firmness to our Memory Firm and Memotouch. The Medium is similar to the iKool Memory Medium in softness, but it will not mould around you in the same way, in fact the springs provide almost the opposite effect to a memory foam mattress.

The Comfort Dual 10 is well worth a look if you are part of a couple that can never agree on a mattress, whether to choose a firm or a medium option. The Comfort Dual gives the option to have both, it is essentially two mattresses in one case, each with a medium and a firm side. Therefore if one of you prefers a firm mattress and the other a medium, the Comfort Dual can be configured to please both parties. This option is available in sizes from a standard UK double (135x190cm) upwards; for all sizes below this, there is still a firm and medium side, but it is not possible to split the mattress half firm, half medium. The cover is made from Viscose, a soft, silky fabric made from purified cellulose from trees. It is extremely soft and silky and absorbs moisture rapidly, ensuring good breathability.

The Comfort Dual 10 is currently on offer, with the UK king size reduced from £1779 to £1245. This mattress is ordered direct from the supplier on an order by order basis and has a lead time of 2-3 weeks.

Each of the mattresses mentioned above is currently on display at our Sheffield showroom. I would always recommend trying the mattresses before purchase if possible but if that is not feasible please do not hesitate to call us on 0114 272 1984 or send an email to [email protected] if you have any further questions.

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