We’ve introduced three new mattresses to our collection this week – two to replace the outgoing Memory Foam Medium and Firm mattresses and a new medium firmness, great value foam mattress. They only arrived at our Sheffield showroom a couple of days ago, but have already attracted quite a bit of interest from our customers.

So, lets take an in-depth look at the new iKool Firm Memory Foam Mattress, the iKool Medium, Pocket Sprung Memory Foam Mattress and the Moon Medium Mattress.

The iKool Firm Memory Foam Mattress

The iKool Firm was introduced to replace the Memory Firm mattress. Memory foam is still a relatively new addition in mattress design and as such, the technology behind it is evolving and improving all the time. This is why we made the decision to upgrade our range of memory mattresses, to keep the feel of the always popular Memory Firm but to introduce improvements in the overall design of the mattress. The biggest change is surely the addition of the iKool gel to the foam core, making the mattress many times more breathable than its predecessor and helping regulate body temperature to 30-32 degrees Celsius, the optimal temperature to ensure a good night’s sleep.

This mattress should suit the vast majority of people – firm enough to give support to the shoulders and lower back, but with enough ‘give’ to ensure a comfortable night for those who tend to sleep on their side. At approximately 20cm in depth, the iKool Firm would work perfectly with any of the beds in our range, not looking out of place or overwhelming lower bed bases like the Kumo or Nevada, and not appearing too small when paired with the higher headboard options such as the Cochin and Tibet.

The iKool Pocket Sprung, Medium Memory Foam Mattress

The second new addition to our Memory foam range is the iKool Pocket Sprung Medium Mattress, replacing the Memory Medium. Utilising the same gel technology mentioned above, but pairing this with 1000 pocket springs gives the mattress the moulding effect of a traditional memory mattress with an added ‘bounce’ from the springs. Together, these two ingredients work together to give the mattress a soft, luxurious feel, allowing you to sink into the memory foam but with the springs providing support. The combination of iKool gel and pocket springs also improves breathability by up to 12 times.

After trying the mattress when it arrived (I wasn’t asleep, honest!) I would say that the iKool Medium would be best suited to those of lighter weight who sleep on their side, as it is not too firm on the shoulders. However, those who prefer to sleep on their back may find that there is not sufficient support given to the lower back, especially if you are over 12 stone. Here, the iKool firm would be a more appropriate choice.
A little deeper than the iKool firm, at 25cm this mattress is best paired with a bed with a higher headboard, the Tibet or Sonora for example. There would be no real issue with using this mattress with one of our Japanese style beds, but you may choose not to add a headboard, as this deeper mattress, once with pillows, may hide a larger proportion of timber panels.

The Moon Medium Foam Mattress

Finally, lets take a look at the Moon Medium, a near relation to the Moon Firm mattress. An excellent budget mattress and perfect for lighter weights and side-sleepers, the Moon Medium is a welcome addition to our range offering, along with the iKool Medium, a softness not found in the majority of our options.  This mattress is also worth a look if you are searching for a mattress for a child or young teenager, as it offers medium support but not at the expense of comfort. Adult customers looking for a high firmness rating should look elsewhere, however; the Waterlattex, Optimal Support or Relaxsan mattresses would be more suitable here.
At 16cm in depth, the mattress is perfectly suited to our lower beds, not obscuring the headboard or appearing too large for the base it is resting on.

All of the mattresses mentioned above would arrive vacuum packed for ease of transportation on delivery. When your order is delivered, simply roll out the mattress on your bed base, remove the outer packaging and leave it to expand. This process can take several hours, but in most cases the mattress can be used the same night. We do endeavor to keep stock of the standard double (135x190cm) and king (150x200cm) sizes, for other options, expect a lead time of 2-3 weeks.

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