Egos Felt Slippers


A range of cosy, felted wool slippers from Egos. Made of natural wool for the ultimate in comfort and warmth. The sole is in pale beige, natural suede.
In-door slippers in the following colours:
Brown Marl
– a blend of grey and cool brown
Light Blue
– a light baby blue
Moss Green
– a warm, muted mid green
Mustard Yellow
– a muted, chartreuse yellow
– a vibrant, bright orange

Prices include P&P within the mainland UK.


Product Description

Egos slippers are designed in Denmark and made in Nepal by artisans using raw wool from New Zealand sheep. The raw wool is dyed using eco-friendly colours, carded and formed around the shoe last to create the slipper shape. Soapy water is then massaged into the wool to make it latch together. The slippers are dried out in the sun and once dry another layer of felt is added to the slipper for extra comfort. The suede sole is hand sewn on.

The Egos felt slippers are a truly natural product, so you may still find traces of small vegetable fibres in the felt. These may “shed” a little during the first days of use. The reason for this is that the coarsest fibres work their way out of the felt over time. It is only natural, and the fibres just need to be plucked off!

Felted wool slippers provide luxurious comfort year round due to their capacity to regulate body temperature, naturally insulate and remain breathable. Lanolin in the wool makes the slippers resistant to dirt, moisture and odours. The lanolin also promotes healing and is kind to sensitive skin.

Available in many colours and a wide range of sizes.

Sizes – EU/UK sizing (approximate):
EU 38 – UK 5
EU 39 – UK 6
EU 40 – UK 6.5
EU 41 – UK 7.5
EU 42 – UK 8
EU 43 – UK 9
EU 44 – UK 9.5
EU 45 – UK 10.5

Egos Copenhagen is certified by the World Fair Trade Organisation


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