Melt Scented Candles – Low & Wide

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A collection of stylish Melt scented candles, hand poured in England. Each candle has an attractive rustic finish and comes in a beautiful gift box.
The Low & Wide candles have a burn time of 80+ hours. A Tall & Slender candle collection is also available.

£ 21 + £2 P&P within the mainland UK = £23.00
If you wish to order multiples – please contact us and we can reduce the carriage charge per candle.


Product Description

Melt scented candles – options:

Aubergine Melt Scented Candle:
Colour – Dark Plum
Scent Style – A mulled wine with a fragrant floral twist.

More Melt Scented Candle:
Colour – Dark Red
Scent Style – Rose, rose and more rose! Clean, green and fresh!

Noir Melt Scented Candle:
Colour – Black
Scent Style – The first ever Melt fragrance and very special… truly oriental, as deep and dark as they come.

Shine Melt Scented Candle:
Colour – Ivory
Scent Style – Fresh & zingy grapefruit. Clean and sharp.

Verbena & Clary Sage Melt Scented Candle:
Colour – Deep Blue
Scent Style – Clean & fresh with elegant woods, herbs and spices.

White Melt Scented Candle:
Colour – White
Scent Style – a relaxing, gentle scent incorporating black lavender, amber, vanilla, mint and sweet musk.

Nutmeg & Vetiver Melt Scented Candle:
Colour – Amber
Scent Style – a warm and smokey scent with amber, cedar, sandal, clove and patchouli.

Forest Melt Scented Candle:
Colour – Dark Green
Scent Style – soft pine! With hints of sandalwood, oak-moss vanilla & strawberry.

Eden Melt Scented Candle:
Colour – Mid Green
Scent Style – Cut grass and sweet, heady fig. Delicious!

Burgundy Melt Scented Candle:
Colour – Burgundy
Scent Style – a perfect winter scent: complex, woody and rich with hints of ylang, jasmine, aniseed and basil.

Blush Melt Scented Candle:
Colour – Soft Powder Pink
Scent Style – Malted vanilla with rich woody notes with an amber base.

Angel Melt Scented Candle:
Colour – Pale Sky Blue
Scent Style – Rich and musky combining dewberry, cassis, jasmine, rose, vanilla, patchouli, amber & a hint of chocolate.

These beautiful scented candles come in a variety of shapes and sizes and a selection of stunning fragrances.
Containing a high percentage of essential oils, this range of scented candles are made from blended natural waxes, which ensures a slow and even burn and excellent aroma dispersal.
In order to ensure every part is fragranced, each Melt scented candle is hand-poured using the highest grade of materials, with each one taking up to 36 hours to produce.
To get the most out of your Melt candle and to ensure that it burns for as long as possible, ensure the wick is trimmed to approximately 4 mm before lighting. This ensures an ideal flame; a longer or shorter wick can create excess smoke that can obscure the scent of the candle. Ideally keep the candle away from other heat sources such as radiators as this can make the wax unstable and cause a rapid burn or collapse of the candle.

1 review for Melt Scented Candles – Low & Wide

  1. Jane R

    Got the burgundy candle and it smells SO GOOD! Really relaxing and warm scent

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