Memoform Orthomassage Pillows


The Memoform Orthomassage Pillows are made by Magniflex of Memoform material which moulds itself to the head, supporting the weight of the neck and head allowing the muscles to relax. This wave shaped pillow has been designed with a central area of massaging, ergonomic ‘micro-pyramids’ aiding regeneration and microcirculation of the neck and head.
These pillows come complete with a special breathable Coolmax fabric cover, which helps dissipate perspiration and keep you feeling fresh and comfortable throughout the night.

Dimensions: 39 x 70 x 11cm

Price: £65 per pillow.
The price includes delivery within the mainland UK.
Please contact us to request a quote to deliver outside the mainland UK.

Made in Italy.
Manufactured with materials certified Oeko-Tex.

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Product Description

The Memoform Orthomassage Pillows – Further Information
Memoform Orthomassage Pillows are manufactured in Italy using high quality memory foam. Shaped to be ideal for side and back sleepers (if you sleep on your front we recommend our standard shape memory foam pillows)

The benefits of memory foam pillows:
Memory foam pillows can reduce sleep apnea. You don’t have to read many memory foam pillow reviews to find claims that sleeping on memory foam reduces snoring and sleep apnea. While a regular pillow tilts your head upward, closing of the air passages at the top your neck, when you rest your head on a memory foam pillow, it molds to the shape of your neck, which lets your air passages remain open throughout the night.
Memory foam pillows follow the natural curvature of the spine. A memory foam pillow allows your neck and spine to curve naturally and remain aligned. One reason for this is that memory foam pillows are shaped to match the contours of your neck; however, you can get the same effect from a regular foam contour pillow. Contour pillows made of memory foam mold to your neck to give you a custom curve, and they also cradle the neck in a way that normal foam does not, meaning that you’ll wake in the morning without a sore neck.
Memory foam pillows are an inexpensive way to try out memory foam. You may feel uncertain about spending money for an entire memory foam mattress when you aren’t sure you will like it. Memory foam pillows are a great, inexpensive way to try out memory foam for an extended amount of time.
Memory foam pillows reduce pressure points. Because memory foam forms around the contours of your body, it supports each point of your body evenly. The curve of your neck will receive the same amount of pressure as the top of your spine, eliminating the numbness and tweaked spine that often accompany a night’s rest on a traditional pillow.


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