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Boho Style & Patchwork Bedding

At Natural Bed Company we try to source something a little different! From our own designs of solid wood beds, to working with a Bishnoi family in India who make our collection of hand carved Indian beds. This interest in finding the new and unusual extends to our exclusive Indian bedding collection.

boho canopy

We offer a range of Indian duvet covers, bedspreads and quilts. From the elaborately decorated Wild Rose quilt (a patchwork of fabrics with a bright embroidered floral motif) and the Taj bedspread which incorporates hundreds of tiny sheesa mirrors – to the simple, classic cotton Zari duvet covers in rich jewel colours. If you are looking to add a touch of the exotic or bohemian to your bedroom scheme – you will find just the bedding here!

A Boho style can incorporate highly patterned fabrics in a range of styles, decorated and embellished textiles and throws. Carved and patterned furniture, wallpaper and rugs also often feature. Take a look at our pinterest board for inspiration – you’ll find images of boho interior design inspired by Moroccan and Indian style to traditional, romantic Romany looks. Less is rarely more if you are want a Boho look!

Patchwork bedding

Patchwork bedding – duvet covers and quilts – are a great way to add splashes of colour and lots of pattern. We offer a collection of fresh, floral duvet covers which includes the Wysteria, Dalia, Springtime, Manali & Black Floral patchwork designs. If you are looking for a subtle hint of boho style – opt for the Manali duvet cover (in ivory with shades of rose, lilac and sage) or the Dalia patchwork duvet cover (soft aqua, beige and ochre). If you have the confidence to go for a bright, vibrant, ethnic look – choose the Wysteria (in aqua and lime – see the image below), Springtime (primrose and aqua) or the Black Floral (a dramatic combination of a black background with red, orange and green flowers) patchwork duvet covers.

Wysteria patchwork duvet cover

The Kalamkari patchwork bedding (see the copper and gold duvet cover below) has a more classic, ethnic design and muted colour palette – terracotta, gold or deep teal. These patchwork duvet covers and pillowcases are produced through the charity Kriti ( Kriti is a young social organization currently working in Hyderabad, India. They focus on improving the lives of the urban poor through training in a range of crafts.

Kalamkari duvet cover & Thar bedspread

If you are creating a luxury version of Boho style – try the rich velvet Thar (see the lilac and copper bedspread above), Niger or Shimla patchwork bedspreads. If you a favour a more earthy, rustic version of the look – try the Kadi Earth or Ember patchwork quilts.  It is possible to add just a hint of this look with pure white cotton bedding complemented with richly patterned cushion covers or throws. Add some fairy lights over the bed frame or a carved mirror frame and you have a modern take on the boho look.

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