We have a wide range of high quality mattresses in a range of sizes and materials. For advice about choosing the right mattress for you – take a look at our blog.


The key factors for a mattress are comfort and support.

The correct support for you will depend partly on your weight, profile and sleeping position. To keep your spine properly aligned, the mattress should neither be too soft nor too hard. Too soft and it will not support your spine; too hard and it will cause pressure on your hips and shoulders. A general rule is that the greater your weight, the firmer the mattress that is needed to support you.

We’d advise you to avoid a very firm mattress if you sleep on your side and have wide hips. Comfort is very subjective; some people prefer a firmer mattress to others. When choosing a new mattress bear in mind your opinions about your current mattress and others you’ve slept on.

Our selection will give you a range of firmness options, all with excellent long term back support. Our advice and recommendations are based on our opinions and observations and feedback from customers in our showroom.

Here is an overview of the mattresses available:
The Weldbank & Westgate mattresses are a great choice if you prefer a pocket sprung mattress. Available in a range of firmness ratings, these mattresses are covered in a special fabric manufactured to meet UK fire retardancy regulations without the use of FR chemicals.
Our Eco-core mattresses are a great choice if you are looking for an eco-friendly mattress with a firm feel - these mattresses are biodegradable.
The Organic sprung mattresses also feature eco-friendly credentials and come in a range of firmness options. Beautiful quality mattresses made in the UK - these are an investment you won't regret. |
The latest additions to our range include a model with a deep layer of memory foam, hybrid latex and sprung mattresses and the Lifetime sprung mattress.

For information on mattress sizes please take a look at our blog.