Made To Measure Beds

Made to Measure

Made to Measure – you measure, we make. Yes, it can be that simple. All our beds are made individually so we can easily make to measure.

If you’ve bought a really deep sprung mattress we can make the headboard higher so your mattress doesn’t obscure too much of the lovely wooden headboard. We do this for our customers on a regular basis. The mattresses we most often use with our beds are generally 18-22cm in depth (apart from the Westgate and Weldbank mattresses which are a little deeper). Do let us know if your mattress is deeper so we can discuss any adjustments you may need us to make.

If you’ve bought a Continental size mattress, e.g. 140x200cm, we can make the frame to fit. Let us know the size and we’ll quote you the price.

What else can we do?

Can we modify our designs? Often, yes we can. We could increase the height of the footboard so that it comes level with the top of the mattress. See an example of this on our blog Can I Order a Bespoke Bed? Many of our beds can be ordered without a headboard, or with a slightly taller or shorter headboard or legs. Please just give us a call and let us know what you have in mind.