Our Timbers

At Natural Bed Company, for our wooden beds, we only use timber from sustainable sources and never use endangered tropical hardwoods. All our timber is from a legally certified source and purchased under the EUTR (European Union Timber Regulation). Our pine is from Scandinavia and our hardwoods – ash, oak, maple, cherry, walnut and beech are from the USA or northern Europe. A natural substance means that there is variation in colour and grain and the images below can only be indicative. Furthermore your new bed may become a richer colour over time as the wood ages.

Buying timber from managed forests ensures that new trees are planted and the cycle of planting, growth and harvest can continue. We think it is important that the amazing natural resource of timber should be used to make furniture that will last. Timber for the mass produced furniture from China and the Far East may be logged with no regard for the sustainability of the immediate environment or the future of the planet.

Most of our customers order their bed in a hardwood, but we also offer most of our beds in pine – we’re aware that people have different budgets and we want to make our designs as accessible as possible.

Take a look at the timber swatches below to give you an indication of the grain and tone of the timbers available. Please note – timber is a natural product and will vary in colour and grain, we therefore can not guarantee that every section of timber will exacly match the swatches shown here or the samples sent. The variations in the timber gives the wood it’s ‘life’ and ensures that every bed we make is unique.

To request a sample of our timbers please click here.


ash timber

Ash is a light colour with a cream cast and usually shows a strong figure in the grain. Some darker areas of grain can occur as shown on the Nevada table top. See also the Kulu and Ki bed pages. Take a look at the Inspiration page Our Ash Beds for more information.


beech timber

Beech is a light coloured timber with a slightly pinkish cast and a tight, speckled grain. See also the Java wooden bed page


cherry timber

Cherry has a smooth grain and an initially pale reddish/brown colour which deepens quite quickly (the sample above is the deeper colour). Small areas of lighter colour sometimes occur. See also the Sonora and Oregon wooden bed pages for examples of beds in cherry.


maple timber

Maple is a very pale wood with a smooth grain and a contemporary appearance. See the Oregon bed and take a look at the Orchid and Camden beds also shown in solid maple.


oak timber

Oak has a generally consistent colour with a tight, pronounced grain. See also the, NevadaCochin and Kyoto wooden beds pages. Take a look at our Inspiration page Oak Bedroom Furniture for more information.


pine timber

Pine can be clear lacquered, or stained and lacquered in a variety of colours. Please take a look at the Kobe bed.


walnut timber

Walnut has a dramatic grain, rich and chocolate coloured with lighter stripes at times.
See also the Malabar, Orchid, Oregon and Raj beds. Take a look at our Inspiration page Walnut Beds and Bedroom Furniture for more information.


Lacquers & Stains

Our ‘natural’ lacquer finish, named for its clarity, allows you to appreciate the myriad colours and subtle variations in tone of natural timber. It retains a subtle, soft sheen which protects the timber from grease marks and some stains.

The following stained finishes on pine broaden the colour range:

White Wash

white washed pine timber

White Wash – a very attractive treatment to reduce the darkening and yellowing that normally occurs over time.


wenge pine stained timber

A dark espresso toned stain, a popular choice for the Kyoto and Kumo wooden beds. See example: the Kumo bed.