Toiletries & Body Care

A collection of natural toiletries and body-care products. Our luxurious toiletries are created by Meraki, Chalk and SEVIN. We also have a range of body brushes and exfoliators.

Toiletries & Body Care

Create a spa experience at home with a luxury bathrobe, fluffy towels and lovely toiletries.

Here you can find a range of luxury toiletries and body care products. From body washes and lotions, to body oils and bath salts - we have lots of pampering treats to choose from. Complete the experience with our skin friendly body brushes and exfoliating mitts.

Many of our body care products come to us from sustainable, organic skin care brands, such as Meraki and Bath House. Ethically and sustainably made with the environment in mind.

Browse through our full range online to find organic body washes, oils, and even tanning lotions. Often made with high content natural ingredients.