About Us

Keep it simple, keep it different and make it perfect! That’s been our guideline since we made our first bed 40 years ago – a waterbed made from recycled roof joists. We no longer make waterbeds and we no longer use old joists but we still make bed frames from sustainable timber. We love wood and we think the amazing natural resource of timber should be used to make beautiful furniture that will last.

Our workshops are a couple of miles from the showroom, we believe in using local skills and preserving the tradition and satisfaction of making a piece of furniture from start to finish. Our style of production and the variation in wood grain and colour ensures that each bed is beautiful and unique.

Most of our customers order their bed in a hardwood such as oak but we also offer most of our beds in pine – we’re aware that people have different budgets and we want to make our designs as accessible as possible. Our aim is to make beds that are right for you so we’re always happy to discuss modifying our designs – if you want to change one of our beds ask us, it may be possible!

Quality is the top of our priorities, quality in manufacturing and quality in customer service. We’re based in Sheffield where we’ve been awarded  the Made in Sheffield mark granted to local businesses continuing Sheffield’s tradition of quality manufacturing. We’re a member of The Furniture Ombudsman and the Guild of Master Craftsmen. We receive a great deal of positive feedback from our customers – may of the product pages include independent customer reviews. You can see more reviews on Free Index, Facebook, Trustpilot and Google.

The Natural Bed Company Showroom

If you want a new mattress we can give you good advice on the phone but if you come to the Natural Bed Company Showroom you’ll be able to test the mattresses and see the beds. You’ll also meet us and see our collection of bed linen and throws, organic towels, toiletries and other accessories.


At Natural Bed Company, for our wooden beds, we only use timber from sustainable sources and never use endangered tropical hardwoods. All our timber is from a legally certified source and purchased under the EUTR (European Union Timber Regulation). Our pine is from Scandinavia and our hardwoods – ash, oak, maple, cherry, walnut and beech are from the USA or northern Europe.

Buying timber from managed forests ensures that new trees are planted and the cycle of planting, growth and harvest can continue. We think it is important that the amazing natural resource of timber should be used to make furniture that will last. Timber for the mass produced furniture from China and the Far East may be logged with no regard for the sustainability of the immediate environment or the future of the planet.

The Natural Bed Company has supported the cause of the Tibetan people for several years, a passion project of our founders Peter and Kay. China has occupied Tibet since 1950 and thousands of Tibetans have escaped over the Himalayas to preserve their way of life; many settle in northern India and Nepal. We continue to make regular donations to projects to help Tibetan refugees, along with supporting local and national charities including the Archer project supporting the homeless in Sheffield and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Made in Sheffield

For many of us Sheffield’s great appeal is the Peak District, 10 minutes drive away, but we’d also enthusiastically recommend:

  • Ink & Water – they are just down the road and make a great coffee!
  • Nick Hunter – inspired Sheffield based woodcarver with a wonderful range of wooden birds and delicious sense of humour.
  • Collard Manson – a great, local independent store for unusual clothing and jewellery.

Who are we? Natural Bed Company is managed by sisters Paula and Caro Whiteside. In the showroom and on the phone you’ll also meet our colleagues Amanda, Matt, Joanne and Beth. We also have a great team of talented wood-workers and futon-makers at our Sheffield workshops.
Our showroom times are Monday – Saturday: 10am – 5.30pm.

Take a look around our showroom