Sprung Beech Slats

Our beds are fitted with sprung beech slats which add to the comfort and increase the lifespan of a mattress. The slats are curved like a row of gentle hills and when you lay on the mattress they flatten to adjust to your profile. Most of the flattening takes place under your hips and shoulders and gives a gentle support that is a special benefit to anyone with tenderness in those areas. Sprung slats are very successful at giving good support to your back. When you get off the bed the slats spring back to their original shape.

Sprung slats do some of the work of the mattress and so can increase the lifespan of the mattress. We’ve used sprung beech slats for over 20 years with great feedback from our customers. Once or twice a year we’ll have a customer who prefers a harder base, that’s not a problem, we can simply fit pine slats instead.

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One of the hidden benefits of a Natural Bed Company bed – we use sprung beech slats on all our bed bases and on our Cuba sofa beds. Single beds have one set of slats that span the width of the frame; larger sizes have a centre rail which means that each side of the bed has its own set of slats giving independent suspension. This ensures you won’t roll together… or disturb your partner when you get out of bed.
90cm and 180cm wide beds have a special double slat system which allows you to vary the flexibility and firmness of the slats.

Sprung beech slats cannot be used in a damp environment – they will lose their shape – so you should ensure there is plenty of ventilation and the mattress is kept aired.

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