Our Team

We’re a small team committed to giving the best service to our customers. We’re proud of our beds, the design and the way we make them, and we want you give you all the help we can to help you choose one that’s meets your requirements. From the feedback we receive from customers we’re confident that we can give you good advice – from your first enquiry through to seeing the bed in your room.

Peter Bennion – Company Director

Peter’s degree was in the chemistry of textile dyeing. “I was always more interested in the older natural dyes than in the modern industry, so when we designed duvet covers in Laos using vegetable and mineral dyes from the local forest, I was in my element”. For Peter, fabrics and furniture have been an abiding interest for over 30 years. “For me the main driving force has been to make something original that no-one else is producing”. Peter still loves helping customers in the showroom but is mostly to be found in the office.

Travel’s a big thing for Peter and his wife though their inclination is to keep returning to the same countries, especially India. “Mountains and deserts are my favourite landscapes. Zanskar and Ladakh have extraordinary trekking scenery, ancient Buddhist villages, remote campsites and wonderful people. With a few horses and our favourite guide and cook its hard not to keep going back, there’s always another route to find, other passes to cross”. This year he’s going trekking in the old Buddhist kingdom of Mustang, a little bit of Nepal that juts up into Tibet.

You can see Peter’s photos and travelogues at www.himalaya-diaries.co.uk.

Kay Wallace – Co-Founder

Kay has a BA in English and a post grad. diploma in Management Studies. She’s been Peter’s business partner since the mid seventies.

Kay’s preference is for the paler timbers like maple. At home she likes being surrounded by trees but for the last year she’s been trying to prevent the felling of trees in the grounds of her apartment, including one of only 8 tulip trees in Sheffield.

Like Peter, Kay also loves working in India and makes many of the buying decisions for sister company Bringing It All Back Home. She’s been to India many times and considers Delhi to be her favourite city in the world, she always seems at home there. She’s widely travelled, Burma, Bhutan and Borneo being among her more recent destinations, in fact she’s visited parts of all Continents except for the Poles!

Paula – Finance Manager & Buyer

Paula is, in her own words, obsessive about Interior Design. Her degree is Psychology so we assume she knows about obsessions. Paula also has a love of all things Italian – food, holidays, design, clothes… Her Italian travels prompted the name Prego for the designer furniture shop she and her sister, Caro, owned and ran for 12 years. It was during this time that Caro and Paula became friends with Peter and Kay.
Caro and Paula are now part of the design, buying and decision making team at Natural Bed Company. Paula also works with Vanessa managing the accounts department.

Paula is the owner of Zebedee, allegedly the prettiest dog in the world, who features on photos of the Orchid four poster bed.

Caro – Marketing Manager & Buyer

Caro, with Peter and her sister Paula, is part of the management team. She also has responsibility for marketing and PR and is the first person working here who’s really embraced that subject, for which we are very grateful! Caro has a Fine Art degree, enjoys photography and helping style our product photographs.

Caro shares Paula’s enthusiasm for Interior Design but if she wasn’t working here she’d probably turn to her other enthusiasm and open a chocolate shop. And no doubt eat the profits!

Amanda – Sales Manager

Amanda works in the showroom and on the counter, she also answers many of your emails and keeps an overall eye on progress with your orders. Her favourite part of the job is helping people who want a special design.

Her interests include ballet and modern dance. What you may not know about Amanda is that she has an MSc in neuroscience; as part of one of her degree projects she gave some of the staff an IQ test – so she knows who’s the cleverest, and the opposite – her lips are sealed!

Matt – Sales Associate

You’ll probably encounter Matt helping someone in the showroom or on the phone, though not necessarily at the same time. Matt’s Masters degree is in American Literature so the current argument is whether The Great Gatsby is the Great American Novel.

Matt collects vinyl, likes Bob Dylan which endears him to Peter, and supports Rotherham United. He takes satisfaction from our International orders – “It’s a great feeling to think that one of our beds is being shipped to a New York apartment or to Switzerland”.

Joanne – Sales Associate

Jo is one of the newest members of our team. You would usually find Jo chatting on the phone to customers, or dealing with paper work such as writing up orders, filing or data basing, Jo’s favourite part of her role is when customers visit our showroom and she can play the hostess with the mostess! Jo enjoys keeping fit and says she wakes at 6am each morning to do a 45 minute workout, which energises her for the rest of the day. She enjoys a glass of white wine (a nice Sauvignon please!) with a good book. She also likes spending time with her little Pomeranian, Olly, who she says reminds her of herself – tiny, cute and playful . Jo is currently studying hard, being in the second year of her counseling diploma, so she is very approachable and always there to lend a listening ear to customers and staff.

Beth – Sales Associate

Beth is our newest member of the team, you will most likely find her in our showroom dressing beds or answering emails.
Beth has a degree in Fine art and has a love for interior design and baking. She has made wedding cakes for some of her friends and even a small cake in the shape of a Kyoto bed for our opening night! She has also set up and regularly posts on our Natural Bed Company Instagram page.
Beth’s favourite part of the job is helping customers design their perfect bedroom and inspiring them with our showroom displays.