Our Team

We’re a small team committed to giving the best service to our customers. We’re proud of our beds, their design and the way we make them, and we want you give you all the help we can to help you choose one that meets your requirements. From the feedback we receive from customers we’re confident that we can give you good advice – from your first enquiry through to seeing the bed in your room.

Here you can meet our team – these are the people you’ll come into contact with:

The Sales and Customer Care team are Amanda, Beth, Matt, Jo, and Maddie.

Sales team - Amanda

Amanda who manages the Sales Team also answers many of your emails and keeps an overall eye on the progress of your orders. Her favourite part of the job is helping people who want a special design.

Sales Team - Matt

Everybody pitches-in, but Matt is often to be found huddled over Google Maps organising delivery, or adding dots to our world map to record the latest international shipment.

Beth and Jo have a particular forte for dressing our beds, making each one look cozy and inviting. The regular Saturday team, they are here to welcome you to the store and help you to find the bed or mattress which will suit you best.

Sales team - Beth

Beth curates our Instagram/Facebook feed. She is an absolutely wonderful baker even making a cake that mimicked our Kyoto bed for one work event.

Sales team - Jo

Jo has become our social secretary but don’t ask her for gossip, what happens on the Xmas do stays on the Xmas do.

In the background are Vanessa, Caro, and Paula…

Accounts - Vanessa

Vanessa is super organised and sorts out our accounts, whilst keeping us in nuts!

Caro and Paula are largely in charge of buying, keeping our website running and making sure that shop dog Zebedee doesn’t creep onto the showroom beds for a sneaky nap….

They’re not 100% successful!

We have to make a special mention and thank our co-founders Peter Bennion and Kay Wallace. Although now retired from Natural Bed Company they started up the business in the 1970s and took it through several guises through waterbeds, futons, and Ethnic artefacts to bring us to where we are today. Currently Peter & Kay can be found at their new enterprise – the Silk Road Gallery – offering textiles, objects and art from India.