Winter is fast approaching, and with it comes the chilly nights that we’ve all missed throughout this unusually hot summer. Now is the perfect time to think about transforming your bed from cool to cosy – the easiest, and most flexible way to do this (just like clothing) is with LAYERS!

This is especially necessary for couples who run at different temperatures, as you can choose how many layers you want to sleep under and both keep comfortable all through the night. Layering bedding is more than just chucking as many blankets on your bed as possible – you need contrasting weights, textures and colours to create the perfect snug spot to satisfy your interior design goals and keep you warm this Autumn/Winter season. Here are a few of our current favourites…

Duvet Covers & Sheets

The foundation of any comfy bedding combination is of course the basic sheets – for this we love the staple 600 thread count or 1000 thread count for a luxurious and quality base. If you want a touch of seasonal softness, take a looked at our new brushed cotton bedding, available in a deep red stripe and blue check. A good set can make all the difference when it comes to feeling comfortable in order to get a good night’s sleep! A heavier weight cotton, or a brushed cotton, duvet cover is the perfect first step before swapping your duvet for one with a higher tog rating.

Love the autumn colour palette too? Then take a look at the embroidered duvet set in warm creamy coloured cotton with embroidered details in a rich rust red. The cream and mauve printed duvet set has a beautiful autumnal print in deep plum and gold .

Bedspreads & Quilts

The second step is to add a bit of weight and extra warmth (you can easily put the bedspread to one side on milder evenings) but don’t forget to add a bit of your style and personality!

Like a traditional cosy look? Check out one of our many embroidered cotton bedspreads, they also add texture in a range of subtle colours to match any design scheme.

Prefer a more modern style? Take a look at the Stockholm Diamond Pattern Bedspread or the Chevron pattern bedspreads – both add a cool and clean geometric edge to the bed design whilst still keeping the chill away.

Blankets & Throws

This final layer can help pull your whole layered look together – bringing in pops of colour from elsewhere in the room or adding a bit of fun texture and style. We love the Luxury Faux Fur Bedspreads for a really luxurious finish or the Sheepskin throw for a more casual Boho vibe!

If faux fur isn’t your thing then check out one of the many wool throws that we carry – these are perfect for adding a little extra colour and pattern to a neutral look. If you’re looking for serious style on a budget, the Cosy Cloud Grey Fleecy Throw and Faux Alpaca Throw are current staff favourites (they are so soft and fluffy – we can’t keep away from them in our showroom!)

Finishing Touches

If your main plans for the winter months include snuggling up in bed and binging all the shows you may have missed throughout summer, then you’ll need extra cushions. Not only do they provide added customizable comfort, they are like the cherry on top of your bed design cake!

Our top picks are the New Embroidered Cotton Cushions and the Andas Cushions for a laid back look. The Cotton Velvet Cushions, Modern Stripe Cushions and Stockholm Cushions are perfect for a more tailored style. And for big squashy comfort, we love the Large Stockholm Cushions and the Ruffle Edge Linen Cushions.

Hopefully you have all the information you need to get started on creating your perfect Autumn/Winter bedroom combination. For more style inspiration or to see what we have paired together, check out our Sheffield City Centre showroom!