Spring has finally sprung, and we are so bloomin’ happy about it! With warmer months and lighter nights on the horizon, we’re turning to look at our bedding. In this post, we discuss the annual practice of how to refresh your bedding for springtime. This is a transitional time of year, where we still want to feel cosy, but with a focus on breathability and coolness as the temperatures begin to thaw. Read on for our favourite suggestions.

Refresh the Materials

Duvets & Pillows

Through winter, we want to feel super warm and cosy in bed. Thicker duvets are often piled with warm fluffy throws and bedspreads to create a feeling of weight and comfort. Of course, we still want to feel comfy and cosy the year round, and the materials we choose for our bedding can help with this.

As we move into spring, we tend to remove the heavier bedding and go for lighter alternatives. We stock a range of duvets and pillows in a variation of fabrics and fillings. Below is a quick, helpful guide to the types of fillings you’ll find in our collection, and their main benefits.

  • Wool – temperature regulating; good for keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Silk – naturally moisture-wicking, ideal for warm sleepers and night sweats
  • Cotton – breathable and lightweight; cosy but not too heavy/warm

Of course, more information about each material is detailed on the appropriate product pages. You can find our full range of duvets and pillows over on the shop.

Refresh the Feel


Another way to change the vibe in your bedroom and refresh your bedding for springtime is the feel. The materials you choose not only help adapt to the change in temperature, but also change the feel of the bedding against your skin.

For springtime, we recommend cotton and linen bedding as the perfect base. Our new collection of Egyptian Cotton Bedding is ideal for spring, and comes in a range of either subtle or bold colours. You can read more about it in our blog; Egyptian Cotton Spring Bedding Collection. Linen is another good option for spring and into summer, too, as it is very lightweight and breathable. It is also very kind to the skin, and is naturally hypoallergenic! You can find all our linen bedding just here.


If you want to change up the feel of your bedding, but you already have duvet sets you love, try adding a lightweight bedspread. We love the Recycled Cotton Bedspreads this time of year; eye-catching and available in two colour ranges. Alternatively, try the Light Linen Blend Bedspreads or the Lightweight Striped Bedspreads; both crafted to be light and airy, with a bright colour palette. Perfect for springtime.

Refresh the Look

Duvet Sets

Of course, all the products we’ve discussed so far will change the look of your bedding and help you create a new feel for spring. However, if you’re looking for a quick refresh, you can’t beat a fresh, brightly coloured addition to your bedding. Our favourites are the floral duvet sets, available in a whole range of colours and styles.

Quilted Bedspreads

A new addition to our range are the new Pure Cotton Quilted Bedspreads, available in two patterns. Bringing a bohemian vibe to your bedding, these bedspreads are an instant spring refresh that will also last into summer. Layer on top of your duvet or use on their own as a light layer.

We hope this article has given your some inspiration on how to refresh your bedding for springtime. You can also find more inspiration over on our Pinterest page. And, if you’re looking to browse our full range of bedding, you can find the whole collection just here.