Lavender Scented Neck Wrap & Eye Mask


A relaxing, lavender scented neck wrap to relieve stress – filled with specially treated wheat grains and lavender – 100% natural. Can be cooled or heated to relax muscels and relieve aches and pains.
Available to order with, or without, a matching lavender scented eye mask.
In muted, pale pink linen or dark grey jersey.

Wheat Wrap & Eye Mask Set: £30.00
Wheat Wrap: £18.00
Prices include P&P within the mainland UK.


Product Description

This lovely lavender scented neck wrap relieves stress, the perfect partner to the scented eye mask.

Lavender Scented Neck Wrap:
Whether used hot or cold this relaxing pads helps you relax – soothing sore muscles, arthritis aches and pains. The wrap filling consists of Cotswold lavender and wheat. The outer cover is available in pale pink linen or dark grey jersey.

To use: Find a comfortable spot and place the neck wrap around your neck, back or shoulders. You will immediately feel the relaxing effect and, after use, your muscles will feel soothed and refreshed.

To Heat the Neck Wrap:
Place the wrap in a domestic microwave after removing all tags (ensure the surface is clean and dry and can rotate freely). Heat at for a maximum of 2 minutes (750watts) or 1 minute (1000watts). Read the instructions on the pack and follow closely.

To Cool The Neck Wrap:
Can also be used as a cold compress – place it in the freezer for at least 2 and a half hours.

This relaxing wrap measures 47cm in kength. Available to order with, or without, a matching lavender scented eye mask.
Made in Britain.

Lavender Scented Eye Mask:
A soft fabric eye mask – in pink linen or dark grey jersey – filled with soothing lavender. A wonderful aid for a good nights sleep.
(The reverse is in black, velvet feel fabric with an elasticated band to keep the mask in place).


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