Luxury Hungarian Goose Down Duvets

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Hungarian goose down filled duvets – 90% white goose down with 10% feather. Goose down is warm, yet light-weight, this Die Zudecke premium duvet gives a wonderful feeling of comfort. Available in a wide range of tog-ratings and sizes.

Prices include P&P within mainland UK. To keep down costs and save on carriage, our duvets are sent to you direct from the manufacturer.
Standard delivery 3-7 working days.

Product Description

The ultimate sleeping environment, these luxury Hungarian goose down duvets are both sumptuous and naturally insulating. Hungarian geese produce naturally warm and temperature regulating feathers, perfect for creating a balanced and cosy night’s sleep. These duvets are 90% down, 10% feathers.

Tog Ratings

Tog ratings denote weight and warmth. The higher the tog, the warmer the duvet. Consider your existing environment when choosing the right tog; how warm your bedroom is, how warm you get when you sleep, the warmth of your mattress and the thickness of your duvet covers.

4.5-6 Tog: Ideal for summer use, or for a warmer sleeper. Add blankets or bedspreads through colder months.
9-10.5 Tog: Perfect for a cooler room the year round. Layer up through winter if needed.
13.5 Tog: To suit cold bedrooms or winters. Though this is the most frequently purchased tog, it may be too warm for some through milder winters.
All Season: Combines a 3 tog and a 9 tog duvet with the option to clip them together for use in winter, resulting in the feel of a 12 tog duvet. You can then use the 9 tog alone in spring & autumn, and the 3 tog in summer. This is the most flexible, luxury option.

Care Instructions:

  • Machine washable at 40 degrees on a gentle cycle for approx. 15-20 minutes
  • After washing, rinse 4 times without any detergents, with each rinse cycle lasting approx. 5 minutes. If possible, the third and fourth cycle should be done with a higher water level.
  • Following rinsing, place the duvet on a spin cycle at a high rotation speed
  • Only use mild detergents and keep dosage to a minimum (max. 30 cubic-centimetres per kilogram)
  • Rinse detergents completely or the filling materials may stick together during the drying process
  • To prevent any damage to the product and ensure proper re-fluffing after washing/drying, the washing machine or the tumble dryer should be filled only to a maximum 25% of its total load capacity!
  • To ensure best possible results drying must be executed very cautiously and NOT at a temperature exceeding 60°C. The drum of the dryer has to oscillate (the direction of rotation has to change randomly) during the drying process. It is of importance to carefully attend to these guidelines as any deviation could have a highly negative impact on the product resulting in shrinkage, but also clumping of the filling!

Animal Welfare

These down duvets are made by a manufacturer that fully supports animal welfare and does not tolerate cruelty to animals. The materials used here are by-products of raising animals for the meat industry. Care is taken to ensure all animals are treated well, and completely exclude stuff feeding or moult plucking.

The manufacturer also requires all vendors to document their supply chain sources, in order to minimise any risk. Furthermore, they liaise with internationally accredited institutions and auditors to investigate the quality of the raw material at every step. Also, they do not accept materials from vendors who are on the negative-list of important animal welfare organisations (PETA, Vier Pfoten etc.)

They work hard to keep this one of the most beautiful, cleanest, all-natural and traditional products clean and good – such that you can rightfully enjoy the best sleep.

Product Features

These products are OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, Class 1 certified (products free of harmful substances / tested safety for skin-friendly textiles), plus, where applicable, NOMITE®-branded (products suitable for people suffering from house dust mite allergies) and carry DAUNASAN® / DOWNAFRESH® labelling.

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Single: 135 x 200cm
Double: 200 x 200cm
Kingsize: 230 x 220cm
Super-king: 260 x 220cm
Emperor: 290 x 220cm (Available on request. Please contact us to order.)

This duvet is sent direct from the manufacturer. Orders are generally despatched within 1 - 2 working days, and delivery takes place within 3 - 7 working days.

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