Meditation Stools- SOLD OUT


The Mushroom Style Meditation Stool
(Upper photo and action photo). The mushroom meditation stool slots together and is compact – ideal for when you’re on the move, or for a meditation retreat. The curved base guarantees the perfect position. A beautifully made meditation stool.
Width 35cm.

Folding meditation stool
(Lower photo). The classic folding meditation stool, beautifully made and finished. A strongly built meditation stool with the correct angle for a good posture. Width 50cm.
We now have a larger folding stool – same style as shown but slightly higher and wider and with a deeper seat – which is great for longer legs.
Width 60cm.

We make these hardwood meditation stools in our Sheffield workshops, please contact us to find out which timbers are currently in-stock.


Product Description

The benefits of using meditation stools:

Although you most likely know of the many positive effects of practising meditation you may not be fully aware of how you can benefit from using simple meditation stools. Meditation is seen as a mental discipline. However, if you have only started to meditate, or even if you have practised meditation for some time, you will know how difficult it can be to relax your body. Failure to properly relax the body so that the mind is free to focus without distractions is the main reason for the invention of the meditation stool!

In order to benefit from the mental exercises involved in meditation it is necessary to first relax the body. Many meditators have trouble with this and it hinders their ability to focus. The majority of people have trouble relaxing their bodies completely. If this is the case for you then a meditation stool could be the answer.

Meditation stools, designed in the classic fashion, will let you sit in a comfortable position for extended periods of time without gaining any aches, pains or discomfort.
Traditional meditation stools are backless and have short legs. This keeps you close to the floor for a more grounded feeling. Your knees are bent and touching the floor with your legs tucked underneath the meditation stool. This position may appear uncomfortable to anyone who has never tried it, but it is in fact extremely well designed for comfort over sustained periods of time. An added advantage of using a meditation stool lies in its design. Your back is kept straight at all times and this trains you to keep the correct posture. Something that you will carry with you in every day life as well as your meditations.

Poor posture can cause back complaints and other physical problems, but from a meditative point of view poor posture can interfere with your ability to remain focused. For these reasons alone a meditation stool is very advantageous!


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