Nordic Scented Candles


Meraki have introduced a new Nordic Collection of scented candles – available in two sizes and three scents:
Scandinavian Garden: a bright, floral scent reminiscent of a springtime garden
Nordic Pine: a subtle, sweet and spicy scent with a woody smokiness
Sandcastles & Sunsets:
a fresh, clean scent with a sweet, subtle hint of coconut

Large Candle in a glass jar – Approximate burn time: 35 hours
Price – £16.00 each including P&P within the mainland UK

Set of 2x small candles in small glass holders
1x Nordic Pine & 1x Scandinavian Garden – Approximate burn time: 12 hours each
Price – £16.00 (per set of 2 candles) including P&P within the mainland UK


Product Description

Soya candles come in many varieties. To make the candles burn longer and set harder, many are, however, blended products that contain paraffin, palm wax and additives. This increases air pollution when the candle is lit.


These Meraki scented candles are made from soya bean oil. The candle contains 96% soya and 4% fragrance. This means that the candle sets off less soot on walls, furniture and curtains than a regular candle. And spilled wax can easily be removed with a cloth and some warm water.

For maximum burn time – please keep the wick trimmed to 5mm.
Remove any wick debris from the wax pool after every use and avoid burning in a drafty area.
Always burn on a heat resistant surface, within sight and out of the reach of children.
Glass will be hot when the candle is lit.


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