Warm Book Light in Walnut


A beautifully made, book light in walnut. When closed, the Book Light looks like a laser-cut wooden book, when open it transforms into a sculptural light. This small book lamp is light-weight and easily carried from room to room. It charges up using a USB connector for hours of gentle, warm illumination.

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Product Description

A beautifully made, book light in walnut – it certainly makes a great gift for any purpose.

When closed, the Book Light masquerades as a laser-cut wooden book, but when opened it transforms into a sculptural light emitting a wonderful ambient warm LED light through the pages.

The beautiful, exquisite design opens to full 360 degrees with cleverly concealed magnets. The lovely soft touch papers are tear-proof and water-resistant. Long-lasting LED lights provide the illumination. (Guaranteed minimum 35,000 hours use). This book lamp works brilliantly with our metal Shelf Lamp – the magnets holding with book open when on a metal surface.

The book light is totally wire-free as it’s powered by in-built rechargeable battery, so you can place it at anywhere you want – sitting room, lounge, or by your bed. The battery will take approximately 2-3 hours to charge and it will last about 10-12 hours of constant use on one charge, or it can be plugged in permanently as well.

Product finish: Walnut wood
LED display colour: soft warm white for the walnut book light

Product size:
Closed: 9 x 12.2 x 2.5 cm
Open 360 degrees: 12.2 x 17cm diameter
When flat and open 180 degrees: W18 x H9 x 12.2cm


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