White Glass Collection – Scented Candles & Diffusers


A collection of subtle and sophisticated room scents in modern, white, glass holders. Fragranced candles and reed diffusers available in five delicious scents: Bed, Skin, Nights, Haze or Juiced.
New: there are two new scents for this season – Indigo and Eos.
We also have a mini candle in ‘Bed’

Candle: £22.00
Diffuser: £26.00
Mini Candle: £15.00

Prices include P&P within the mainland UK.


Product Description

The White Glass Collection of hand-poured scented candles and diffusers is made up four beautiful scents featured in candles and reed diffusers. The fragranced, vegetable wax candles are in glass jars coated in a matte white finish. The reed diffusers are made up of a set of chunky, modern looking reeds, scented oil and a glass jar with a white finish.

Candle: 200gms – No Parabens – No Palm Oil

Diffuser: 100ml – No Parabens – No Animal Products

Mini Candle: 95gms – No Parabens – No Palm Oil

Available in the following fragrances:

Scent – Bed: Warm Musk + Black Vanilla
This scent is sweet and spicy, with warm and smokey depths. Think of snuggling into a warm and comfy bed you’d never want to get out of.
Colour: Stone

Scent – Skin: White Woods + Amber Down
This scent is bright, fresh and clean with sweet floral top notes, imagine walking through a field of wild flowers on a summers day.
Colour: Warm blush pink

Scent – Nights: Bourbon Sugar + Tobacco Leaf
A rich, sweet and heady scent, imagine relaxing after dinner in front of an open fire with your favourite dessert.
Colour: Aubergine

Scent – Haze: Patchouli + Cannabis
A complex, smokey scent with sweet and woody notes. Think of a wood burning stove on a clear winters night.
Colour: Ink

Scent – Juiced: Lime, Avocado + Cucumber water
A clean and fresh scent, softened with a sweet fruit fragrance. Imagine treating yourself to a tasty, nourishing juice at your favourite spa.
Colour: Sage Green


Scent – Indigo: Rosemary + Juniper
Smells so delicious you may want to eat it! This scrumptious scent is a entrancing blend of sweetness and herbs.
Colour: Indigo Blue

Scent – Eos: Orris Root + Amber
A bright, sweet and powdery floral scent with spicy undertones.
Colour: Vintage Pink


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