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Want to know about our Sprung Beech Slats?

One of the hidden benefits of a Natural Bed Company bed are our sprung beech slats…

attaching slats

We use high quality sprung beech slats from France or Germany on all our bed bases – from the Kyoto low bed to the Orchid four-poster bed, and our Cuba sofa beds (see the photo below)! These slats are slightly curved and adjust to your profile by flattening out where you exert the most pressure – under your hips and shoulders – giving added comfort with firm support.


Beds with widths of 1.20m or more have a strong central support rail running from footboard to headboard (see the top photo above). This results in a strong bed frame and allows each side of the bed to have its own set of slats. The beech sprung slats are therefore never too wide, so there is no undue pressure on the slats – they generally last for years! The centre rail with separate runs of slats design also ensures a couple won’t roll together while asleep, which can result in damage to the mattress and an uncomfortable night’s sleep. As each side has its own set of slats – you can also be sure that when you get out of bed you won’t disturb your partner!


Our 90cm (standard single bed) and 180cm (super-king size bed) wide solid wood beds have a special double slat system (see image below) which allows you to vary the flexibility and firmness of the slats.

slat base on pine bed

Please note that sprung beech slats are not recommended for a damp or humid environment – they may lose their shape – so you should ensure there is plenty of ventilation with this slat system and keep the mattress aired.

If you have an en-suit bathroom and are concerned that the steam is not entirely vented away – we suggest ordering our fixed pine slats. These slats span the width of the bed (over the central support rail for 120cm+ beds) and maintain their shape and rigidity even when there is some moisture in the air. Solid pine slats do result in a very firm bed. If this is the feel you are looking for you can order fixed pine slats for any bed as an optional extra. Just contact us to request this option.


If you feel you require a fixed pine slat base, but would like a softer feel – please take this in to account when selecting your mattress.

Our beds are all made to order – each is handmade and individual – so, if you loose slats or a centre rail during a house move, we can supply replacement parts but we will ask you to check some dimensions for us. This is so we can be sure that your replacement parts are a perfect fit!

Any other questions about our sprung beech slat bases? Just contact us online or call us on 0114 272 1984 – we are happy to help!

6 comments on “Want to know about our Sprung Beech Slats?”

  1. Hello Ann,

    Our bed bases use beech sprung slats as standard. These give a little under pressure, which is beneficial if you turn during the night, or if 2 people use the bed one person could move around and with the slats taking the pressure it wouldn’t disturb the second person.

    Pine slats offer a firmer base, these do not have any give in them. We would recommend pine slats if you prefer a very firm base, if you have a high moisture area such as an en-suite close by (the sprung slats loose their shape when damp) or for a child’s bed (sprung slats do react well to children jumping on the bed).

    If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0114 2721984.

  2. Hi,
    is it possible to order these rubber bands to hold two slats together in order to adjust slats firmness.
    Many thanks

  3. Hello,
    I am buying a solid oak 3ft bed frame and I am undecided whether to go for the frame with ‘fixed’ slats or one with ‘spring’ slats. Your opinion and comments will be much appreciated.

    1. Dear Leonard,

      As standard our beds are supplied with beech sprung slats. The reasons you may want to have pine slats would be… if you wished to have a firmer base, if the bed was going in a damp or humid environment or if the bed was for a child (the sprung slats don’t react well to jumping on the bed). If none of these reasons apply to you, the sprung beech slats would be best. The sprung nature of the slats take some of the pressure from the mattress, and on a 3ft model the firmness of the slats can be adjusted.

      If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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