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Choosing a Sofa Bed….

Advice When Choosing A Futon Sofa-Bed…

At the Natural Bed Company we offer a range of sofa beds to suit every budget and home, from the simple, minimalist style of the Tokyo and Fiji to the elegant designs of the Panama and Cuba.

If you require a space saving spare bed or a comfortable sofa for a study or bedroom, then the Tokyo (see below) will meet your needs. Built to last and suitable everyday use, the pine frame is versatile offering a recliner position in addition to the standard sofa and bed options. Supplied with a 6 layer futon mattress, you will be equally comfortable when either reclining on the sofa with a good book or, thanks to the comfy slatted base, asleep when the Tokyo is fully converted to a bed.

Ideal for more occasional use, the simpler Fiji (see below) is also supplied with a 6 layer futon mattress, but with fewer slats for quicker assembly. Unlike the Tokyo, the Fiji does not offer the reclining position, making it the perfect option for occasional if not day-to-day use as a sofa or bed.

NB: We are sorry to say that the Fiji and Tokyo sofa beds have now been discontinued – The Panama and Cuba are still available.

If you are looking for a hardwood sofa bed that could easily double as both a main sofa and spare bed for when guests come to stay, look no further than our Panama and Cuba designs. If your available space is limited, but you require a robust and comfortable sofa-bed, the Panama, which pulls down and out from the front (see the image below) is the perfect space saving solution.

However, if space is not an issue, the Cuba may be for you with sprung slats ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep. As this design only requires the futon to be folded in half in the sofa position, rather than the trifold design of the Tokyo, Fiji and Panama, a 7 layer futon is provided with the Cuba (see below).

All our futon mattresses are made in Sheffield and you can read more about their design and manufacture in our ‘Looking after your futon mattress’ blog.

Our sofa beds are delivered flat packed and are self-assembly, but don’t worry – our detailed instructions will ensure that you are relaxing on your new sofa bed in no time!

If you are interested in adding a loose cover to your order please see the loose covers product page. We have added the option of a sophisticated wool loose cover for our Panama and Cuba sofa beds.

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