Add colour to your futon sofa-bed with our new range of wool loose covers, throws and pillows! If you’ve recently re-decorated, you might be looking for new ways to bring your sofa bed back to life. Maybe you’d like to match a new colour scheme, or are just looking for a little update. Our range of Warwick patterned loose covers, or Bronte throws and cushions can bring a much needed refresh.

We are no longer making this range of futons and loose covers, though we do still have a few left in stock here on our website. This blog is here for reference if you already own one of our futons or sofa beds. You can find our new range of sofa beds here.

Loose Covers

Our wool loose covers are available in all Warwick’s Saville Row and Highland patterns. We have examples of all fabrics on offer in our Sheffield store. Or, if you are further afield, we can request samples of specific designs to be posted to you.

Examples of the covers can be seen on the Panama sofa bed page. In addition to the wool cover, pictures on this page show examples of our collection of throws. These are available to purchase online, in-store or over the phone.

Throws & Cushions

We have recently taken delivery of a collection of Bronte throws and cushions! This new range perfectly complements the loose covers for our futons, or work equally well on their own. The range includes throws made from wonderfully soft Merino lambs wool, Shetland pure wool and Alpaca.

Not only is Alpaca wool super-soft and luxurious, they’re also one of the most ridiculously cute animals known to man (worth a Google image search if you’re ever having a bad day!), their wool could not be softer or more luxurious. It is also known for its hypoallergenic qualities, so those with allergies should not be put off!

As we make all our loose covers to order, we are currently working to a lead-time of 2-3 weeks for manufacture and delivery.

If you are interested in purchasing a futon sofa-bed base from Natural Bed Company, the lead-time for the Fiji and Tokyo is 4-5 weeks, with 3-6 weeks for the Panama and Cuba. For further information on our sofa beds please see their individual product pages and the previous blog.

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