Ordering a bed from Natural Bed Company is not like purchasing furniture of the rack! At Natural Bed Company we take pride in the fact that our beds are hand-made to order in our Sheffield workshop. When you order a bed from us we will discuss any changes and adjustments to the standard design that you may require – possibly you are very tall and need an extra long bed? Or you may have a very deep mattress and would like us to change the position of the headboard so it doesn’t hide your headboard panel? Possibly you would like to order the bed with a foot-board, or without a headboard?? As we only start production of your bed once you have placed your order – all of these alterations (and many more) can be made.

We ensure that the timber used in the construction of your solid wooden bed is of the highest quality, ordering the timber for the latest orders every week to prevent damage to the wood or warping that would occur if we kept large quantities in stock. Working in this way also guarantees that each piece of timber used in your bed will be from the same batch, that the grain in each panel of your headboard will complement the other. A good example of this can be found with our Orchid four-poster. The posts are delivered in two parts (for ease of transportation and assembly), but when they are secured together via the bolts provided, you will notice that the grain matches perfectly across the join.

This is why when you place an order with us we say that the bed will take up to 4 weeks to manufacture (in addition to delivery which can be a couple of days or up to two weeks – depending on where in the world you are located and how flexible you can be with regard to delivery dates).

We want to make sure that your Natural Bed Company bed is of the highest standard. Usually, each bed is allocated to a single craftsman in our workshop, to take from start to finish. When you receive your Natural Bed Company solid wooden bed we’re sure that you’ll think it was worth the wait!

If you want to learn more about the timber we use or our workshop, take a look at our previous blogs and the about us section on our website.

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