YUYU hot water bottles are the world’s first luxury, long shape hot water bottles They are covered in a gorgeous cashmere or cotton blend covers and come presented in a luxury gift box.

A unique and wonderful innovation on the traditional hot water bottle, the long shaped design means you get to warm more of your body, keeping you toasty from top to toe. Its clever shape means you reach those areas of aches and pains better. However this luxury hot water bottle requires no more than one kettle of water to fill it up!

These gorgeous hot water bottles are dressed in beautiful quality cashmere blend covers, decorated with Mother of Pearl buttons and wrapped in a gorgeous gold and silver flecked tissue paper. Presented in a luxury box, this is a show-stopping gift guaranteed to delight anyone who receives it.

The wool mix covers are a merino wool and cashmere blend. Grade A cashmere is used, sourced from Inner Mongolian goats which roam freely. The cashmere is obtained by a natural combing procedure, not by shearing. Each goat produces just 100grams of this rare material each year.

The bottles themselves are manufactured by one of the most respected and ethically responsible companies in Sri Lanka. The rubber is responsibly and sustainably sourced, and the manufacturer is involved in community initiatives spanning education, arts and sports and the support of disaster relief projects.

YUYU Bottle Cashmere Blend Classic Knit long hot water bottle is available from Natural Bed Company in Beige or Grey. (Cover: 30% Cashmere/70% Merino Wool)

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    1. Hi Mrs Scott – we love them too!
      We have in them in our Sheffield store if you would like to take a look. Alternatively try the YuYu website for your local stockist.

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