About Pine:

Nevada contemporary wooden bed in Pine

Solid pine will, like many other timbers, vary in grain and colour from piece to piece. This gives the furniture a uniqueness that sets it aside from furniture made from synthetic veneers, and painted surfaces.

Over a period of time, depending upon the intensity of daylight available, the colour of the pine will mellow i.e. become deeper and warmer in tone. This effect is natural. However, problems can occur if an item such as a lamp or vase or mat is left in one place, as this will inhibit the colour change of the timber below and may result in a circle of lighter wood that will take some time to mellow. The mellowing of the pine furniture occurs rapidly for about the first 2 years and then it appears to slow down and eventually the furniture will reach full “maturity”.

If you prefer our pine beds can also be stained White Wash or Wenge (see the Kumo bed below) instead of the standard clear lacquer finish. A stain is a translucent finish that allows you to appreciate the grain of the timber while altering the natural hue.

Kumo contemporary Japanese style bed made in Britain

How to Care for Pine Beds:

Cleaning your pine bed base:

Unless otherwise specified our pine beds are finished with a soft satin (low sheen) lacquer that helps protect the wood, so your bed should usually only need regular light dusting with a soft dry cloth.

If sticky marks occur on the surface they can be removed with a dilute solution of warm soapy water, the offending area should be rubbed lightly and then completely dried immediately afterwards, before replacing any vases etc.

Care of the furniture needs to be taken to protect it from accidents during use:

When moving the furniture always take care to protect the surface from knocks and scratches, the corners and edges are particularly prone to accidental damage and need careful covering during moving.

When the furniture is being moved, ensure this is done carefully and not dragged across the floor. Once the item is in its new position make sure it stands level.

When selecting a position for the furniture, ensure that it is in a place where it will not be exposed to excessive sunlight or in a position where there is direct heat, from say a radiator, as these may cause damage to both the surface and the wooden frame.

When using our bedside tables ensure the surface for serving food or drinks (or any item which may be wet, e.g. a vase) always has protective mats and coasters. If any hot serving dishes are used, special protection will be needed. Casserole stand type mats are best used as they lift the hot item away from the surface but take care the dish does not overhang the stand or hot liquids or condensation drop onto the surface.

If any spillage occurs, hot or cold, make sure it is wiped up immediately.

When your pine bed is delivered carefully unpack it and immediately report any problems.

Some care during use will help prevent damage and will prolong the life of your treasured pine bed. To find out more about our pine, along with our other timbers, take a look at the Our Timbers page.

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