Your bedroom is a place where you start and end your day almost all year round. While cultivating a relaxing space is essential to maintaining your sanity in your home, it can be easy for your bedroom to get out of hand when you just don’t have much time for organisation. This problem can be even more severe when you’re working with a bedroom that has limited storage options or just really isn’t big enough for everything you have – which is a common problem if you live in the city.

You might not be able to solve all of your storage problems overnight, but using these five tips, you can remodel and organise your bedroom to make it a more comfortable and functional space without spending an arm and a leg.

Nordic bedroom style with pale maple low Pimlico bed

1. Clear the Clutter

Clutter is a major problem for almost everybody, especially if your bedroom doesn’t feel big enough for you. Unfortunately, the biggest problem with clutter is that it accumulates in a way that can make it hard to detect when you spend so much time in your space! Sure, those four accessories on your bedside table might be pretty, but are they really serving a purpose, or are they making you feel claustrophobic in your space? When you walk around your room look for objects that might be unnecessary or out of place, then identify what you can get rid of or move.

2. Discard Unneeded Items

When you open up your closet, dresser or chest of drawers, what do you see? If you’re like most people, you see a mass of clothing items – some of which you haven’t even considered putting on for years. To clear up some space and make your bedroom feel more organised, the best thing you can do is make a donation pile or consider a yard sale. If you have extra-special pieces of clothing a consignment shop could be a good choice for making space and pulling in a little bit of extra cash.

You’ll also be making room for other things that help you organise, as you’ll see in the next step.

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3. Organize the Small Stuff

The little items in our bedrooms and closets are often the hardest to organise. For men, that can mean things like cufflinks, socks and ties – for women, jewelry, scarves and accent pieces like pins. However, once you’ve cleared a little bit of space in your closet, you should be able to incorporate some small organisational piece – something freestanding with drawers that allow you to organise by item. That way you’ll have immediate access and you won’t have to search for those cufflinks or that watch in a dresser drawer piled with socks and undergarments!

4. Add a Shoe Rack

If you just don’t have enough room in your closet to get everything in there, the best thing you can do is move your shoes out and go for a wonderful shoe rack that can really be part of your décor. You might not think this ideal will work, but believe it or not, your footwear can actually be a part of your style – if the rack you choose is really exceptional. That means that plastic shoe rack you’ve had since college needs to go, and it’s time to update to something a bit more special.

under-bed drawers can be made to match the wood of your bed frame

5. Find a Bed That Offers Storage

Your bed isn’t just for sleeping – not if you have storage problems. While you don’t want to sleep next to a pile of clothes, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a bed with storage options beneath it to help you get your stuff under control. Under the bed storage is ideal for all sorts of things from clothes that don’t wrinkle easily, like blue jeans, to linens and towels.

Keeping your home organized can seem like a challenge if you’re busy or have a small space, but it’s something that definitely can be done. With a little bit of elbow grease and some unique solutions like that shoe rack and under bed storage, your space doesn’t have to be a mass of clutter and source of frustration anymore.

By Naomi J Shaw – a freelance writer who lives with her husband and three kids in Southern California. She enjoys writing about family, crafting, cooking and DIY projects. She knows first-hand how messy a home can get, but loves finding new ways to organise her life.

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