We could all do with more storage space in our bedrooms and our range of under-bed drawers provide great storage solutions for a wide range of our beds.

wheeled underbed drawers with front panel to match your NBC bed

We offer three standard options;

The Sahara –  Width 90 (92cm with side panel) x Depth 60 x Height 16.5cm
The Tibet  – Width 90 (92 with side panel) x Depth 60 x Height 21.5cm
The Kyoto  – Width 61 x Depth 60 x Height 16.5cm

The names may lead you to believe that you would be restricted to just 3 beds if you were interested in under-bed storage, but they are much more versatile than that! See the list below for the full range of drawers that can be paired with our range of contemporary beds:

Sahara under-bed drawers: can be used with the Sahara, Malabar, Sol, and Ocean beds.

Tibet under-bed drawers: work well with the Zanskar, Cochin, Tibet, Tao, Oasis, Orchid, and Togo, where there is greater height under the bed-frame.

Kyoto under-bed drawers are a narrower version of the Sahara drawers – for use with the Kyoto bed, where the feet are inset under the slat base. However, in the past customers have decided on occasion that they would prefer one larger drawer on each side of the Kyoto and instead chose the Sahara, with extra width but the same overall height as the Kyoto under-bed drawers.

It is possible to fit up to four under-bed drawers underneath any of the beds mentioned in a standard double size (135x190cm) and above. For any size lower than this, a maximum of two drawers could be used.

Please note – the width of our Sahara and Tibet drawers is set for king-size beds and above – i.e. beds with an overall length of 2m. For shorter beds (i.e. a standard double and below) the drawers will be 5cm narrower in order that two drawers can sit side-by-side along each side of the bed.

If you have our bedside tables we can make the drawers 75cm wide rather than 90cm so that the side table doesn’t obstruct the drawer. The price is the same as the standard Sahara and Tibet drawers. If you require a custom size drawer, for example one made smaller to accommodate bedside tables from elsewhere, please get in touch and we will quote a price. You may have noticed that all of the drawers we offer are 60cm deep as standard; this allows for plenty of storage space but means that the drawer is not too big to be fully pulled out from under the bed. We do receive requests quite regularly for the drawers to be made to a custom depth, and while this can be done in some cases, it is well worth checking that you would be able to utilise the drawer fully and for it not to be too large in the given space.

Our under-bed drawers are made from birch plywood with a solid timber front panel, mounted on castors and rebated on the bottom edge so they pull out easily. The front panel (and a side panel if specified) is available in any of the timbers we offer, including all pine stains. If the drawers are to be positioned at the foot of the bed, where the side of the box would be on view, we can add a side panel in your chosen timber so the drawers blend in with the base rather than contrast against it.

If you are looking to add under-bed drawers to an existing bed not purchased from ourselves, we may be able to help. There are changes we can make to the width of the drawers and the wide range of timbers on offer mean that we should be able to find a match to your base. However, it is always best to double check your timber choice before purchase – let us know the woods you are interested in and we will send small samples out to you.

Our under-bed drawers are made on a similar lead time to our beds – expect a production time of 4-5 weeks. If ordered without a base or mattress we would arrange the delivery on an overnight, one man service, which can be booked for any week-day. If several items were purchased together we would offer a 2 man room of choice delivery, which may take slightly longer to arrange.

If you have any further questions about our range of under-bed drawers please do not hesitate to contact us, either over the phone on 0114 272 1984 or via email at [email protected].

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  1. Hi, we’re looking for 3/4 length drawers for a super kingsize bed (bought elsewhere). The bed is 16.5cm off the ground so I suppose the drawers would have to be 16cm max off the ground to be safe. We’re looking for a pair, stained teak colour. Can you give me an idea of the cost please?

    1. Hi Sandy,

      Thank you for your message.
      Although we can adjust the width and depth of our under-bed drawers, unfortunately they can only be provided in 3 set heights. The Kyoto under-bed drawer being our smallest, is still slightly too tall to fit under your bed base!
      Apologies that we couldn’t be more helpful in this occasion!
      If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us by calling 01142721984 or via email [email protected]

      Kind Regards,


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