The Natural Bed Company is delighted to be included in the Made in Sheffield exhibition currently showing at the Millennium Gallery, in the heart of Sheffield city centre.

Made in Sheffield is a dazzling celebration of the internationally-renowned making and manufacture that takes place in our 21st century city.
Featuring work by over 100 leading Sheffield companies, the exhibition showcases the remarkable diversity of design and production in the city region, from global aeronautical engineering to ground-breaking digital industries, as well as the many talented individuals working in studios and workshops across the city.

Sheffield has always been a city of makers and this web of connections between individuals and companies continues today. Our history of skills, expertise and innovation means that ‘Made in Sheffield’ is a mark of quality that is recognised the world over. Today, ‘Made in Sheffield’ is a registered trade mark given to world-class companies who exemplify quality and excellence. The concept dates back to 1905 when it became clear that Sheffield had such a reputation for quality that others were attempting to use the name to give credibility to their products. Our region is home to over 14000 companies, many of which are probably better known world-wide than they are here. These companies are an integral part of the global supply chain, exporting around the world with international reputation.

Field Cycles are designed a made by a team of cycling and design enthusiasts one of our ex cabinet makers.

Curated by Museums Sheffield, this exhibition includes a snapshot of making in the Sheffield city region. Some of these are familiar symbols of the city, others are more surprising. The exhibition forms part of the Year of Making, a major city-wide initiative celebrating Sheffield’s international reputation for innovation and excellence in making.

By: Peter Bennion

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