Over the years here at Natural Bed Company, we’ve been asked if we can make beds of all sizes; from small singles to fit in box rooms to larger non-standard options made to fit hand made mattresses. Recently however we’ve seen an increase in requests for extra large beds, above and beyond the largest standard size we offer, the super-king at 180x200cm.

Mainly, these enquiries come from our international customers, particularly those in the United States where a standard king size is much larger than a UK king – it measures 193x203cm. However we’ve also heard from customers here in the UK who either have large rooms to fill or simply just want a larger bed, well – just because they want one!

We can accommodate most requests – another advantage of making our beds to order – but there are a few points to consider before placing an order.

The price will differ from the listed prices on the website when ordering a special – non standard – size. However we are always happy to provide a clear quotation before you place your order and we always keep to our quote. If you would like us to provide you with a quote please just contact us with the following information: bed style, timber choice, mattress size and delivery address.

Not every bed is available in an extra large size. A good indicator is – if it’s not available in a super-king size – we probably can’t make this design in larger sizes. To be sure, please just give our sales team a call and we’ll be able to let you know what is possible

You may not have considered this when thinking of ordering an extra large bed – the changes required to the slat system we use. For our standard UK sizes we employ a beech sprung slat system, but due to their design these slats are only available for sizes up to a super-king (180cm wide). For anything bigger than this fixed, solid pine slats must be used. This creates a firmer base compared to the beech sprung slats, but it allows us to manufacture the largest sizes.
Pine slats, as they are a non-standard option, add just £35 to the overall cost of your bed. Also consider that the base will feel firmer when choosing you mattress, you may want to select one that is a little deeper or a little softer.

Centre Rails
In addition to the slats, if you were to decide on one of the larger sizes available, you may find that your bed requires more than one centre rail. For an Emperor bed (214x214cm) for example, we would advise that a second centre rail (a beam that runs from the headboard to the footboard that supports the slats) is added, to ensure that your mattress is supported sufficiently. This would add about £55 to the total. For the vast majority of ‘super-sizes’ only one extra centre rail should be required, but if – like an international customer from a couple of years ago – you require a 300x300cm base, then we would advise that a couple more are added!

The next point to look at is less of a technical one and more of an aesthetic choice. If you were to take a look at a list of the more popular international sizes and other non standard options you would find that some – such as another Emperor option (this is where it can get confusing, so please let us know the exact size of the mattress you will be using when ordering! If you can let us have the depth, width and length of the mattress in cm, we will be able to ensure that your bed base is made to fit it) is 214x200cm, unusual as the width exceeds the length of the bed. This would be fine and probably not even noticeable on a traditional style bed base, our Tibet for example, but with a four poster such as the Orchid, you may find the proportions look very different to the photograph of the Orchid on our website (the beds shown on our website are a standard UK king-size 150x200cm). This may not be a concern but it is something worth thinking about, especially before the bed is ordered.

The last decision to make is which mattress to choose. The vast majority of the mattresses in our range are available in the largest non-standard sizes, these are; the Waterlattex, Moon Firm, Memotouch, Orthosoft, Relaxsan, Comfort Dual and Optimal Support. As we would not keep these sizes in stock, you should expect a lead time of 3 weeks for manufacture.

So as to not create confusion as to what is a standard size and what isn’t, the options I have mentioned are not available to purchase online. However, we can take orders over the phone on 0114 272 1984. As these would be custom orders we would require a 50% deposit in order to begin production rather than the standard 10% for orders of UK sizes.

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      Yes, as all of our beds are made to order, we can make them to none UK standard sizes.
      I will send you an email explaining all the information we would need to get a quote together for you.
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