Part of the attraction of our large new showroom space is the opportunity to use it as an occasional gallery space. We’re excited to announce that we’ll be opening our first exhibition in October with work by the incredibly talented photographer Matthew Conduit.

For over 30 years Matthew has photographed the post industrial landscape of Sheffield. In the mid eighties he became director of the Untitled Gallery in Walkley which then moved to become the Site Gallery in the centre of Sheffield. He then worked for over 10 years developing the Cultural Industries Quarter, and was Director of Workstation cultural workspace in Sheffield. In 2000 he founded Creative Industry Partnerships  to work as a freelance consultant developing buildings and facilities to support the creative sector across the UK.
Drawing on over 30 years experience in producing fine photographic prints he operates a fine art pigment inkjet digital printing studio, Untitled Print Studio, based at Sum Studios which Matthew has been involved in re-developing for several years.

Matthew’s most recent work documents, in the form of detailed large scale images, the way nature has reclaimed the post industrial landscapes of Sheffield. In the scale and finely detailed close ups of bramble thickets and new willow woodland, the images may bring to mind the abstract paintings of Jackson Pollack. The work is finely detailed and on a large scale, typical sizes are 1.1m x 1.5m or larger, and the experience of approaching these images is that you are entering their space.

As a taster, we’ve already hung a couple of photographs and we’re delighted that they immediately look right for the space, the abstract form of the woodlands perfectly complementing our finely designed and finished timber furniture. Personally, I’m delighted that Matthew wanted to exhibit his work in this space, he suggested it at our opening before I had the chance to ask him!

We’ll be having a opening on Saturday, 8th October, 1pm-5pm. Please come and celebrate the opening of the exhibition with a glass of bubbly.

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