We have a great deal of experience making futon mattresses here at the Natural Bed Company, having manufactured futons in our Sheffield workshop for over 30 years. In fact, when we began, we weren’t actually Natural Bed Company, but The Futon Shop! Our name may have changed over the years, but our commitment to making only the highest quality futon mattresses has not.

The great thing about our futon mattresses is just how versatile and customisable they are. We can make a mattress in any size required, up to a maximum width of 180cm and a maximum length of 200cm and a futon can be used with any of the bed bases in our range, although they are most popular when paired with Japanese styled beds such as the Kyoto and the Ki.

We do not produce mattresses longer or wider than the dimensions listed above as larger mattresses would have to be manufactured by using sections of filling connected together. We could not guarantee the long term quality of such an item – we would not take an order for an item we were not sure would meet our high quality standards.

The materials used in our futons have changed over the years as our manufacturing process has developed. We now believe that the mattresses in production are the best we have produced – comfortable, and built to work just as well on a flat bed base as a sofa bed, and of a quality to ensure they last for years to come. If you were to take a look at a cross-section of the fillings you would find natural wool making up the outer layers, several sections of cotton rich poly-cotton which make up the mattress core, and a material called I-fibre – a polyester mix which gives the futon its firmness and ‘spring’. The outer cover is made from a durable cotton drill and is on offer in a range of colours, as shown on both the futon mattress and loose cover pages of our website.

We have two futon mattresses on display in our Sheffield showroom, shown on our Panama and Cuba sofa beds. The futons work equally well in both the tri-fold set up of the former, where the mattress is folded under itself, and the bi-fold of the latter, where the futon is folded in half length-wise to form a comfortable sofa-seat.

We want you to be happy with your futon mattresses for years to come so we would recommend that you both flip and turn the mattress every couple of weeks. This will ensure that you are not sleeping on the same part of the mattress every night, which over time could cause the futon to compress in one area. Rolling the mattress regularly will help to prevent this, ensuring that a dip in the mattress doesn’t appear.

To further protect your futon mattress, we offer a range of both cotton and wool removable loose covers, which zip on three sides and fit snugly over the futon. I would recommend a cotton cover if the futon is to be used on a bed base and a wool option if it is to be used with one of our sofa beds. The wool covers are available in a variety of colours and patterns, perfect if the sofa bed base is to be situated in a living room or study. The fabric options are shown on the wool cover page on our website, but if you would like to see a small swatch to check how the tones or pattern would look in the room, please get in touch and we will arrange for a sample to be sent out to you.

We are currently working to a 3-4 week manufacturing lead time for our futon mattresses. When production is complete you can choose any week day for your (UK mainland) delivery. Your order will be sent out on an overnight carrier service. As with all our mattresses, futons can only be delivered to UK addresses. However, both our Panama and Cuba sofa beds (bases only) can be ordered and shipped to (nearly) anywhere in the world.

If you would like to request more information regarding a custom sized futon or have small swatches of both our wool and cotton fabrics please contact us, either via email at [email protected] or by phone on 0114 272 1984.