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Wool – The Perfect Filling for Duvets, Mattress Toppers and Pillows

Here at Natural Bed Company, we are always on the look out for high quality products that are both beautifully crafted and improve your sleep. Well, we’ve hit the jackpot and are pleased to add a range of wool filled duvets, pillows and mattress toppers to our range. They have a variety of benefits countering nearly every problem you may face when sleeping that prove they are the perfect filling for your bedding. As an added bonus – they are also made in the UK (winner!).

Benefits of Wool Filled Bedding

Okay, so it can’t stop your partner from stealing all the covers or snoring, but the benefits of this wool bedding are pretty extensive…

Hypoallergenic – Dust mites and other bacteria do not like the natural untreated wool used to fill these wool filled duvets. To survive, dust mites absorb water from their environment – however high quality wool fibres, that have not been bleached or chemically treated, do not absorb moisture. This platinum grade British wool has not been bleached or chemically treated.  These untreated wool fibres work together to help to repel and wick away moisture encouraging evaporation, leaving an environment that isn’t moist enough for dust mites/bacteria to easily survive. Perfect for those of us with Asthma or Eczema!

Temperature Regulating – As a natural product, wool has evolved to protect the Sheep that it usually surrounds – when your body cools down, the wool will trap air in between its fibres and allows it to heat up, keeping you snug and warm. Alternatively, when you start getting warmer your body will start to perspire, this moisture is drawn away from your skin allowing you to cool down naturally.

Natural Material – We find that more and more of our customers are looking for natural and untreated products for their home. Most bedding contains man made fibers such as polyester or poly-cotton, which often needs to be chemically treated prior to use in bedding. However, the sheep’s wool used in these products is washed and processed in British mills without the use of bleaches or chemicals, leaving the natural properties of the wool intact. Wool is also naturally fire retardant, so no additional chemicals are required!

Supports British Farmers – All wool used is 100% Platinum certified, high quality wool from sheep reared by British farmers – this ensures that the wool is 100% British with no imported scrap or additives (such as bonding agents, linings or artificial fibres). The standard of animal welfare is very high – the live sheep are sheared in the Spring/Summer months when the sheep are happy to be rid of their thick coats. The bedding manufacturer also does not accept any wool that has been a by-product of the meat industry from a slaughterhouse.

Machine Washable – Although this may seem less important than the facts above, we think it’s a great benefit! All the wool duvets and pillows are machine washable (domestic machine for smaller duvets and professional laundering for larger duvets). Wash with care using a wool detergent (spin out water well and air dry)

Please do not apply heat or tumble dry the wool as it has not been treated with a chemical element that stops shrinkage (Chlorine Gas is mostly used to make this possible in other wool items).

Product Overview

Duvets – The duvets are light and soft, made from pure wool with a high thread count, soft cotton case. Each duvet is professionally handcrafted; the minimal centre stitching creates a wonderful drape and luxurious feel. Available in a Double, King or Super-King size with two different weight options – Lights Duvet (330gsm) or Cosy Duvet (600gsm).

Pillows – The wool filling is cleaned and processed using a system that separates the wool fibres and maximises loft, resulting in a light and fluffy filling that has not been bleached or chemically treated. Each pillow has a soft woven cotton case handcrafted in Devon. Available in the standard pillow size (75x50cm), they also come with a complimentary lavender bag!

Mattress Topper – A luxurious wool filled mattress topper. The cover is 100% soft cotton flannel, filled with 100% platinum grade British wool.
Handcrafted in England using purely natural materials. Available in three sizes – Double, King or Super-King and is approximately 4cm deep for added softness on top of your mattress.

This natural, renewable and healthy material is making a comeback! There are lots of different reasons to try wool bedding, the most important being that we believe it can give you a better nights sleep, we all know a good nights sleep leads to better mental and physical health!

If you have any further questions about wool filled bedding, please call, email or pop into our showroom where we have samples of all the bedding items should you wish to feel it for yourself!