It’s definitely turning cold outside! The coats are coming out of storage and the slippers are firmly on. As we move into wintertime, we thought we’d share our favourite products plus some tips on keeping warm this winter. Read on to discover our favourite winter warmers…

Bottles of Warmth

One of the cosiest and most luxurious ways to keep warm is with a handy hot water bottle. Easy to use and fill up, simply fill these up with hot water and carry them with you to keep you warm and toasty. We love the long hot water bottles for keeping the bed warm at night. Our top tip is to fill one of these and put it into bed ahead of when you want to climb in. It’ll warm the bedding for you so you don’t have to get into cold sheets!

Check out the new long fluffy hot water bottle, and long faux fur hot water bottle. Both are made with luxuriously soft materials and their length means they can heat more of the bed than a standard size hot water bottle.

Layer Up

Everyone knows to layer up when heading out in the cold, but the same rule applies inside, too. Layering blankets on your bed or sofa means you can pile them on or take them off as needed, to ensure you maintain a comfortable temperature.

Cosy blankets are, of course, one of our favourite winter warmers. We offer blankets of varying weights, so you can layer in whichever way suits you best. Try a thick Velvet Reversible Quilt, available in a whole range of colours, for a stout base layer. Then, top with a thinner cotton or wool blanket to supply an extra bit of warmth on top. Wool is especially useful in winter, as it is temperature regulating, which means it naturally helps to keep you cool in summer, and warm in winter.

When layering in bed, it’s often the coverage that can help keep you warm, not just the weight. Not only do extra layers provide extra warmth, but they provide more fabric that you can tuck around you to stop any draughts creeping in at night!

Drink It In

Who doesn’t love a hot drink in a morning? Classic winter warmers, hot cocoa and mugs of tea are ideal to keep you warm and cosy. However, increasing the amount of hot drinks you have can increase your caffeine intake. If you’re looking to switch things up, why not try a herbal tea or mug of soup as well as your go-to staple.

These insulated coffee glasses help keep your drinks warmer for longer, and are available in a whole range of sizes. We love these for working from home, as you can keep your hot drink on hand at your desk!

Banish Draughts

Adding rugs or draught excluders around the bottom of doors or even windows can help keep the heat in in winter. Draughts can make a real difference in changing the warmth of a room. Putting your heating on for small periods of time can increase the temperature of your home, but small gaps mean that the heat can escape pretty quickly.

Enter, rugs and draught excluders. You can find a whole host of draught excluders online and in a variety of different colours and fabrics. Add one or two to your bedroom and living room to help keep you toasty. You can also find our full range of rugs just here.

Kitchen Comforts

Cooking at any time of year helps keep you warm and toasty. But, especially at this time of year, food is a statement for providing not only sustenance, but seasonal spirit. Yorkshire puddings, sausage and mash and roast dinners are perfect foods to heat you up as we move into winter.

These hearty meals also all require cooking on the stove or in the oven – which can generate lots of heat for your house. Keep your kitchen door open whilst you cook to let the heat flow through the home.

We hope these winter warmers have given you some fresh ideas on keeping cosy this winter. Head over to our Pinterest page for more ideas on cosy home decor to match!