Who doesn’t love going on holiday? A chance to break away from the norm, explore a whole new place and take some time to relax. To keep that feeling going the year round, we thought we’d share our tips on creating a luxury B&B feel at home. Read on to discover all our suggestions…

Fluffy Towels

Is there anything more luxurious than fluffy towels when you get out of the shower? They can work wonders. When visiting a luxury B&B or hotel, those soft fluffy towels are a staple. They add that extra little touch of indulgence that makes you feel comforted and cared for.

We offer a range of towels, including the ever popular organic cotton waffle towels. However, our favourites for creating a soft and luxurious feeling would be the Super Soft Cotton Towels from Sevin. Available in white or charcoal. For an organic alternative, check out the Organic Cotton Towels with Fringe – also soft and cosy!

Luxury Toiletries

When staying in a luxury B&B, you can bet there’s some gorgeous toiletries to be found. Fancy soaps, shampoos and lotions with beautiful scents and an indulgent feel are never far away. Giving into a little me time every now and then is a great way to wind down and decompress. Why not bring this pampered feeling into your own bathroom and treat yourself more often?

Our favourite luxury toiletries at the moment come to us from Bath House, Sevin and Aery. You can find the full ranges of all these products just here, but here are a few shoutouts;

bath salts
  • Aery Relaxing Bath Salts – available in two spicy scents, these bath salts help to relax muscles and promote a feeling of calm
  • Aery Hand Care Sets – a sweet gift set featuring a hand cream and indulgent hand wash. Choose from two scents; either Fig Leaf or Indian Sandalwood
  • Sevin Face, Hair & Body Oils – indulgent, multi-purpose oils that leave you feeling rejuvenated and restored
  • Sevin Natural Soaps – individual soaps or a gift set of miniatures in soft and subtle scents. Paper-wrapped for that luxe hotel feel
Seven luxury natural scented soap bars in larger size and guest soap size

Timeless Bedding

Something that always stands out to me when I stay away is how they style their bedding. It’s always got that classic, cosy aesthetic that just looks so inviting. Our favourite fabrics for creating this look are either pure cotton or linen. Cotton offers that more traditional hotel look, enabling you to create crisp lines and a refined style. Whereas linen’s gently rumpled texture offers a more relaxed vibe, which a lot of modern luxury B&Bs are going for.

Some staff picks are the Organic Linen Bedding and the Stone Linen Bedding; both ideal for neutral, cosy vibes that last and last. For cotton, we love the Finest Sateen Organic Cotton Bedding, or the Luxury Pure Egyptian Cotton Bedding. You can also find our full range of bedding just here.

The Right Mattress For You!

One of the only bug bears in going to stay in a hotel or B&B is the mattress. We hear it time and again that the place was beautiful, if only the mattress was softer/firmer! The wonderful thing about that is, when creating a luxury B&B feel at home, you can choose your own mattress!

We have a wide range of mattresses to cater to all different tastes. You can find them all just here, or visit our Sheffield showroom to try them out.

Setting the Mood

The devil (or in this case, the luxury) is always in the details. Those finishing touches help to bring everything together and give a sense of completion. When we encounter these little touches on vacation, it makes us feel looked after and cared for. By adding them into our homes we continue to promote that sense of comfort.

Diffusers are a hotel favourite as they don’t need to be relit like candles. They give off their scents for months at a time and come in a range of scents to suit all different tastes. Some favourites are the Mojo Scented Diffusers, the Porthouse Scented Diffusers and the Aery Botanical Candles & Diffusers.

Of course, another way to revamp your room and offer a sense of luxury is with a whole new bed! We’ve supplied many hotels and B&Bs with our handmade wooden beds, so if you’re really looking to treat yourself, why not have a nosey? You can find them all just here.

We hope this article has inspired you to introduce some B&B luxury into your home. For more interior inspiration, you can also check out our Pinterest page!