Now we all know that we should be showing our love and affection all year round, but isn’t it nice to have an excuse for a bit of extra romance on Valentines Day! Whether it’s a small thoughtful present, an activity or an evening together (just the two of you), we have a few ideas to help make Valentines Day 2024 a special one with these gift ideas…

Breakfast in Bed

An all time romantic classic – and for good reason! What better way to wake up than with a hot cup of tea or coffee and freshly made breakfast. Of course, it’s the effort and thought that counts here. But we have a few extras to elevate the occasion for Valentines Day…

We love the mini Modern Oak Serving Boards for a single slice of avocado toast or a warm croissant, they also make perfect individual cheese boards! For that chic cafe look, the Insulated Coffee Glasses really add extra luxury to your morning cuppa. The pocket of air keeps your drink at optimal drinking temperature for longer – so your partner can enjoy a long morning relaxing in bed without fear of a luke warm coffee! Of course, you’ll ned a tray to carry all your goodies from the kitchen, choose from Walnut or Oak depending on your decor. And you can’t go wrong with a single rose – I think the bottle candle holder would make a lovely little bud vase, or use with a candle for extra romantic flare!

Run a Valentines Day Bath

Who doesn’t love an indulgent bath – whether you’re sharing or just giving your partner a couple of hours of relaxation by themselves! Find their favourite scents in our huge variety of candles, the Mojo scented candle in White Truffle and Cognac is a firm staff favourite here! For a luxurious evening in the tub, we also love the Bath House bath foams, available in two heady scents and beautifully soft on the skin. Or, check out the Aery Relaxing Bath Salts, these come in two herbal, floral scents and make for a wonderfully rejuvenating bath. If your feeling extra giving, treat them to a back massage with Sevin’s Luxury Face and Body oil. Pop open some fizz and enjoy a luxurious evening in together!
Once you’re finished, step into a new pair of pjs and slippers – how cute would it be to have a matching pair of the colourful sustainable slippers for valentines day!

Spend the whole day in bed!

Now we don’t need an excuse for this, but this isn’t just about having a lazy day – this is a prime opportunity to spend quality time together! Turn your phones off, binge watch your favourite show or movies on Netflix with a pile of snacks or a bottle of fizz. We’re sure you can think of something!

We’d recommend fresh bedding for the occasion, whether you like a clean and fresh white hotel look with something like the Luxury 600 Thread count. Or, go super romantic with layers of plush velvet quilts, faux fur throws and cosy wooly blankets.

Hopefully, we’ve made our point that Valentines Day isn’t just expensive gifts and fancy nights out – it’s all about being thoughtful and spending time together. Even if you can only fit in one of the above ideas on Valentines Day, we are sure you’ll impress. Mix a few ideas or do them all to be well and truly in the good books!

Most importantly, don’t forget to tell your friends, family and partner how much you love them this Valentines Day!