We released lots of new bed designs last year! Our new Chiswick and Highbury designs were introduced in late 2023, based on our ever popular Camden collection. The Special Edition Leith was released just before they came on the scene, and has been standing back from the spotlight. So, we thought we’d share the details of this new, special edition design in this dedicated post.

What’s so special about it?

The standard Leith was brought in in 2022 as a full-timber version of a Natural Bed Company classic, the Shetland. A signature design of ours, the Shetland is an upholstered bed. Our most popular upholstered bed of the last few years, in fact! The Leith features much of the same design as the Shetland. With clean lines, a softly geometric frame and inset legs. Then, last year, the Special Edition Leith was born. The Special Edition features a striking, striped headboard, available for you to customise in the timber combination of your choice.

Over on the Special Edition Leith product page, you can choose your main body timber (just select from the ‘Timber’ drop down menu). Then, you can select your favourite highlight for the headboard. Just select from the ‘Contrast Timber’ menu to make your very own combo.

Timber Combinations

Photographed on the product page, our Special Edition Leith is made from ash with walnut timber highlights. The light and dark contrast really accentuates the stylised nature of the design, and this is something we recommend keeping in mind when choosing your timbers. Our first special edition bed was the Special Edition Hoxton, which is photographed in walnut with maple timber highlights. This is another great example of contrasting timbers which we believe show off the craftsmanship in these designs the best.

Generally speaking, our lighter hardwoods are ash and maple, and our darker timbers are walnut and cherry. We also offer beech and oak, which we would say are somewhere in the middle. We recommend a combination of light and dark timbers to fully appreciate the details of our special edition designs, but the beauty is that you can choose whatever you like! It’s also always worth bearing in mind that, because we work with a natural material, there are variations to be expected in tone, colour and grain pattern.

You can also see more images and find out about each of our timbers just here.

The Details

The Special Edition Leith boasts some unique features amongst our range. For example, only the Leith and the Shetland beds feature this trademark box frame to the headboard. On the Special Edition, this box frames the two tone headboard panel and further accentuates this detail. The frame on the Leith is also a shadow box frame, meaning it is slightly inset around the perimeter of the headboard; a small detail that creates a big impact on the overall shape.

The legs on the Leith are also unique to its design. The original Shetland design features a set back design to the foot-end legs, but the Leith takes this concept and runs with it. With the addition of a lower slat of timber running from both feet, the frame shape is pushed even further, creating a modern, gently geometric look.

Style it Your Way

Thanks to its customisable nature, you can really make the Special Edition Leith your own. Not only that, but we believe it’s timeless, yet modern design suits a wide variety of aesthetics. Depending on how you style it, the Leith can be contemporary, industrial, maximalist or minimal. It’s a great way to put your own stamp on a space.

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