Cotton Mattress Protectors


Recommended for every new mattress! If you want to protect your new mattress, or suffer from bed mite allergies, we’d recommend the use of a fitted mattress protector. They have a lightly quilted soft cotton cover with elasticated corners for easy removal and cleaning.
Our mattress protectors are machine washable, they are made oversized and shrink to the correct size after the first wash.
This 100% cotton-filled mattress protector has a pure cotton percale cover. For a more natural, breathable, cooler night’s sleep this is the protector of choice!


Product Description

The benefits of using cotton mattress protectors:
Mattress protectors not only keep your mattress stain free, but they also help control allergies and protect against dust mites.
Since the mattress protector keeps your bed clean, it can get pretty dirty itself, so make sure it’s machine washable. Washing a mattress protector is significantly easier than cleaning a mattress.
Machine washing is also important for controlling allergies and asthma. Since you can’t really wash your mattress, using a protector that can be removed and cleaned is an easy way to remove dust and dead skin cells. Mattress protectors will also keep dust mites and bacteria from causing health problems.
You spend a third of your life in your bed. Make sure it’s a safe and clean place. Using a mattress protector is a simple way to keep your bed stain free and clean without any hassle.

The price includes postage and packaging within the mainland UK.
We are happy to quote for delivery further away.


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