Well you would think that choosing a bed would be easy wouldn’t you? There are just a few standard size options and you pick the size you prefer! But beware; it’s not quite that straightforward.

What you really need to know before ordering your bed is the size of the mattress that it needs to accommodate. Unfortunately, we find this is where there can be much confusion. We all think we know the different terms for mattress sizes. Such as single, double, king and queen. However, because of the global nature of supply chains nowadays, there are often slight discrepancies. Continental European sizes, Scandinavian sizes, North American sizes and those of the UK are all quite different. Think about the difference in clothing sizes between countries and you’ll get the picture!

Take a look at Wikipedia’s entry for this topic just to see the opportunities for error!

If you already have a mattress to accommodate, we would always ask you to measure it and confirm the size with us when buying your Natural Bed Company wooden bed base. Our bed bases are made to fit the standard UK mattress sizes which are shown in the chart below. In addition, such is the popularity of the 160 x 200 cm mattress size now, we also make beds to fit this size. We call this Euro-king size.

Custom Sizes

In fact as all Natural Bed Company beds are made to order for each individual customer, we are also able to make beds in bespoke sizes. Just contact us with the mattress dimensions you wish to have a bed made for, and we can supply you with a quote.

Plus, if you’re ordering from abroad don’t be put off by our standard UK size options available online. We will also be able to make a bed in the size you require. Just get in touch with us to discuss!

Standard UK Bed Sizes:

Mattress Size/NameMattress Size cm
Small singleWidth 75 x Length 190
SingleWidth 90 x Length 190
Three QuarterWidth 120 x Length 190
DoubleWidth 135 x Length 190
King sizeWidth 150 x Length 200
Euroking sizeWidth 160 x Length 200
Superking sizeWidth 180 x Length 200

UK mattress sizes are based on the traditional imperial measurements which have been translated into the metric.

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